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About Massify.com

About Massify.com

Our Story

A long time ago, there was Massify, which launched in 2006. Massify Film Production House is a community of filmmakers that offers an excellent set of services to actors and producers as well. We help you connect, collaborate, and get films made.

Later, we’re relaunching Massify To help film producers, Massify was started as a Film Production Community. This community help filmmakers to collaborate, connect, and they can get their films made through this community. The company now launches a new set of services.

Our easy-to-use platform is powered by advanced programmatic technology and unique data that combine our love for cinema with the sophistication of a modern media company.

Production Tools

Every great film begins with a great pitch and we’ve designed our pitch system to transform your ideas into working projects. Use our pitch tools like a production book. Recruit cast and crew, manage auditions, and share documents and media to collaborate with your team.


Connect with others, share your ideas, and work together on innovative projects that the community wants to see.

Funding & Distribution

Massify provides production grants to help filmmakers get their movies made. We are also building relationships with major distribution companies and producers to find your movies a mass audience.

Massify is for Actors

Resume and Media

Free space to host your resume, reel, and media. Put your best creative materials out there – and watch the community respond.


Massify connects you with a filmmaking community. Audition for a role with a click of a button and you might find yourself starring in a nationally-distributed feature

Agents and Casting Directors

We are establishing relationships with agents and casting directors to make sure they are checking out what’s on the site. We’re also developing digital tools to make it easier for you to reach them.

Massify is for Critics and the Community

Your voice is vital in the creation of a great film.

The Massify “pitch” process helps a movie evolve from raw idea to finished project. Community feedback can guide and direct that creative development.

In many of our contests, it’s your votes that will determine which films get produced and what talent gets attached.

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