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How to Apply Eye Shadow on Blue Eyes

Blue eyes are not common like brown eyes, and they are unique in some way. Ladies with blue eyes can apply a wide variety of eyeshadow colors to make their eyes look pretty. Some specific colors can bring out your blue eyes better than the others. You can apply your favorite shadow color as you wish of course, as it is a matter of taste. However, some makeup techniques look amazing on blue eyes. Blue shadows look lovely on blue eyes, and I love blue eyes with purple and light brown shadow makeup. Following, I’m giving you some of the best eye makeup techniques for blue eyes. But as we said before, it’s only a matter of taste, and I hope you are going to like them.

Blue eyes makeup
Blue eyes makeup

1 The first method of my favorite eyeshadow makeup on blue eyes is purple shades. You can apply different degrees of purple shade on blue eyes, and they will look fantastic. You can use two or three degrees as you wish with black or blue eyeliner and mascara. You can also use a black pencil between the eyelashes. I assure you that your blue eyes will look fantastic. You can also add a beautiful dark blue touch to this makeup method if you want to.

2 You can also use natural and neutral makeup, such as golden brown and light beige colors. Add black eyeliner and mascara. They make the blue eyes more noticeable as the combination of black and brown colors is attractive on blue eyes. You can also add a nice green touch beneath the eye.

3 Use a mixture of a neutral color and blue shade on the upper eyelids. It will also look good on blue eyes; however, I prefer this method on brown eyes. Don’t forget to apply black eyeliner and mascara as we have done before.

4 There is another lovely method to apply on blue eyes. It’s a mixture of silver and black shades. It’ll look like a sort of Smokey eyes with silver shade, but we will add the black shade on the outer corner of the eye. Trust me; this method has an amazing look on blue eyes. Try not to forget to apply a black pencil between your eyelashes with the same black eyeliner and mascara as always.

Silver and black shades
Silver and black shades

I hope you enjoyed these methods of applying eye makeup on blue eyes. Begin with the basic steps of any eye makeup such as the primer and concealer. Then start to use these shadow colors on your blue eyes just like the way you want them to look. After all, applying makeup is done according to each one’s taste. I hope you liked these methods to do them as directed. My best wishes.

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