There are a lot of magic tricks you can apply by using some items from your home. You can use cups, coins, table tools, paper and much more. I have tried to pick the simplest tricks for you to apply easily without taking much effort or time. You can also apply these tricks in many places on different days and events. Enjoy your time.

Magic tricks

Magic tricks

1 The first trick you can do is a floating cup. You should bring a plastic cup and pierce it from behind by using your thumb and apply some motions to make it look like floating.

2 The second trick you can apply is by using a ring and elastic to make the ring go up on the elastic by your mind control. You can do this trick by holding the elastic from its edge by one hand and from its center by the other hand. You can then press it from the center to make the ring go up, but make sure that no one notices what you do.

3 The third trick is how to place a coin inside a closed bottle. It’s a very simple trick to applying by making a small unnoticeable slit in the side of the bottle. Then you should place the coin very quickly in the bottle through this slit without anybody noticing. It’s a cool simple trick.

4 You can also do a nice simple trick by using a coin and an open cup. All you have to do is placing a coin on the center of your palm. You then count from one to three while placing the cup on the coin. In the 3rd time, you should move the coin from the center of your palm to the front part without getting anybody to see that. You can then put the coin into the cup by a very quick move at the 3rd time of counting.

5 For this trick, you should get two pieces of paper. Tear one of them in front of the audience while holding another one in your palm. You should place the two pieces together in your palm. Then, you can get out the torn piece and place it in your pocket without getting anybody to notice. You can then show them the squeezed piece of paper in your palm and fold it to surprise them that it’s not torn.

I hope you have enjoyed these lovely simple tricks; they are easy to apply by using some ordinary stuff and don’t require so much effort to get them done. I hope you liked them as much as I did. Good luck and enjoy!    
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