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How to Apply Pen Spinning Magic Tricks

There are many pen magic tricks you can apply easily. You should just practice some certain movements for some time and you will be able to do them in a very simple way. So, I tried to pick some easy tricks to explain to you to be able to do them any time you want for your own amusement. You can also do them in front of your friends and your family members even kids.

1 Pen spinning

It’s a very quick move that can be done by holding the pen between the first finger and the middle finger while the end or the tip of the pen should be placed behind the fleshy area at the base of your thumb. Then you should use your first finger to control the motion of the pen to snap it off and move it around to apply the spinning move.

2 The shadow

You should start this trick by holding a pen between your two fingers and trying to move it around until there is no contact between the pen and your fingers. It should be very light movement and don’t make it fall off your fingers at that point. You can then turn it around a little bit to fall between your two fingers once more. This trick needs some practice but it’s really a cool one.

3 A helicopter

It’s another pen spinning trick but in a different way. You should hold your pen in between the four fingers and your thumb. Then, snap the pin across the back of your thumb to make a lovely spinning move around to look exactly like a helicopter.

4 The pincher trick

It’s a hard trick to see how it gets done as it should be done very fast and smooth. You should hold the pen between your middle finger and your ring finger. Then you have to move it across the back of your middle finger to come to your first finger. It’s a harder trick than the others to learn but also very nice.

I guess you have now some basic ideas on how to apply some spinning pen tricks to amuse yourself and the people around you. There are a lot more of these tricks, but I tried to choose the simplest tricks to be able to learn in a short period. I hope that all of you liked these few tricks and want to learn them. I wish you all to enjoy your time. Best of luck!


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