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How to Apply Rubber Band Magic Tricks

There are a lot of tricks you can perform by using rubber bands. They are easy tricks to apply in front of everyone. I tried to choose the simplest tricks from my point of view. I hope you would like them as I did. Good luck!

1 Vanishing band trick

First of all, you should bring a bunch of bands and place them on your wrist. Then you should stretch one of these bands and twist it between your hands and let it vanish through this movement. It doesn’t really disappear, but it looks like vanishing to the audience eyes. It’s a straightforward band trick.

2 Escape from rubber band cuffs

You should have the first band on your first finger and your thumb in a horizontal direction. Then you should place another band behind the first one in a vertical direction between your thumb and the middle finger. You should go down with your middle ginger till you can release it and place the first finger in the same gap instead. You should have escaped from the other band by now, but you can’t show that to the audience right away. You should apply some tricky motions and then show the audience that you have escaped from the tied bands.

3 Jumping rubber band trick

You should bring one band or two for this trick. At first, place the smaller band around your first two fingers. Then, you should stretch out the band and bend your four fingers to be all wrapped in the band. Then, open your hand, and you will find the band jumped around the two other fingers. It’s a nice trick. You can also apply the other band by twisting it around your four fingers and do the same thing with the smaller band. It’ll be even more convincing.

4 Linking rubber band trick

In this trick, you should bring two different color bands. Place them around your index finger and your ring finger. You need then to switch the 2nd and 3rd bands around your middle finger. Then, all you have to do is letting go of one switched side to look like the band got linked. If you want to unlink them again, you just have to let go the other switches side to come back as normal as they were at first. It’s an easy visual trick.

I guess these rubber band tricks have been amazing, and I wish you have felt the same way about them. Most of these tricks are visual tricks to the audience eyes. They are simple to apply in front of your family members or at work when you have free time. Have fun!

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