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Brooke Sebold

Reel – Directing & Editing

Cinematographer, Editor, Director, Producer
New York, NY

Working On
Editing episode 4 of the Killer Films/Massify webisode series.


Brooke Sebold is a documentary and narrative filmmaker currently based in New York City. In 2007, Brooke, and her film collaborators, Todd and Benita Sills, completed their first feature-length documentary, RED WITHOUT BLUE, which received over twenty audience-choice and jury awards. RED WITHOUT BLUE screened at 200+ film festivals, universities, and museums all around the world. Additionally, Brooke’s narrative shorts have won numerous awards and screened at such festivals as the Florida Film Festival, Palm Springs ShortFest, and the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

Brooke is currently in production on a webisode series for Killer Films and a documentary short produced in conjunction with Last Bastion Entertainment. Brooke’s work can be seen on PBS, the Sundance Channel, Logo, and Current TV, where one of the pieces she edited was nominated for an Emmy (2008).

Professional Website
Red Without Blue




  • After the Snow, 2011

“AFTER THE SNOW tells the story of a very pregnant and impulsive young woman named June. Brandishing a gun, June bursts into the home of the man who raped her eight-months prior and demands a confession; instead she learns that all actions have consequences.” IMDB

  • Last Cigarette, 2009

  • Brotherhood, 2008

A short drama about Jared “a sophomore in college and in life, returns to his small hometown where nothing ever changes only to discover that everything has.” IMDB

  • Red Without Blue, 2007

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