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Gift Ideas

How to Buy Gifts for Kids of Different Ages

We sometimes get confused about how to choose a proper gift for a kid’s birthday or any special event and what gift would be the most suitable for his or her age. Following, I’m giving you some gift options to choose among them for kids of different ages.

1 This gift would be a very nice gift for five-year-old kids. It’s a cool truck with a big job which is delivering four colorful cars to their new homes. It has an easy-load ramp to let the cars drive on, then lifts smoothly when it’s time to roll out.

2 The second gift could be candy gift basket that should contain honey, baked beans, candy buttons, candy cigarettes, Coconut Bar, and a lot of sweets that please the kids. This gift should be for kids from 5-8 years old. It wouldn’t be a proper gift for older kids.

3 Your child is going to love this gift of discovering the sounds of orchestral instruments with this symphony in this orchestra toy. It has colorful activity center introduces a variety of woodwind, brass, and string instruments with adjustable volume for your convenience. Here’s another fine introduction of a grand classic piano with 30 piano keys, a songbook, and key chart. These musical instruments could work for older kids such as 8-10 or even 12 years old as they begin to realize the music and get more sensitive at feeling things around.

4 You can encourage your child to be creative and build a castle or a city! It contains 46 pieces of blocks with 11 shapes. There are 18 colors of blocks and 28 natural blocks. It’s a lovely challenging game.

5 There are a lot of activities abound in this crazy Crayola gift box! It has a unique variety of kids’ fun activities and snacks in this exclusive gift box. It also has a lovely coloring book, candy dispenser, bubbles and more. It’s a great gift for kids of all ages!

6 Since the frozen merchandise is hard to find in stores, I set out looking for more inexpensive things that still fit the theme. Here are some blue treats and basket items I found for the Elsa-inspired basket. The rock candy reminded me of the “Frozen Fractals” that Elsa was used to making! And here’s a tag for an idea that includes some dress-up or regular winter white gloves like the ones Elsa got used to wearing when she was little. I didn’t find all of them in the usual stores but Amazon still has a few!

7 Some kids love to help their moms in the kitchen.  Every time they get cooking, the kids always get ready to help.  It’s lovely that they get so excited to be a part of making meals. I think this is the perfect gift for any kid that is interested in cooking. The gift includes:

  1. 2 Coordinating Aprons
  2. Colorful Plastic Measuring Spoons
  3. Colorful Plastic Measuring cups
  4. Spatula
  5. Large spoon
  6. Large plastic measuring cup
  7. An assortment of fun sprinkles for baking
  8. Ice cream cone bubbles
  9. Matching Oven Mitt and Pot Holder
  10. Cupcake Cookbook
  11. Baking basics cookbook

It’s an amazing thing to join your kid to do some stuff together in the kitchen.

Gift basket for kids with a cooking talent
Gift basket for kids with a cooking talent

I guess you have now a few ideas to be able to buy kids gifts of different talents and ages. You can go to the store and select many things for one theme such as the frozen. You can also get a lovely toy or a musical instrument for older kids. I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Good luck!

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