Andrew Lopas is a seasoned, Non-Union Assistant Director. Many years experience in entertainment production. Live DJ, Musician since 1977. Musician with several seminal LA-based bands 1978-84. Started as freelance PA in 1980. Moved on to a 1st AD for Toni Basil on numerous music videos, several commercials and two short films in 1984-86. Worked as a 2nd and 1st AD for Limelight LLC and Cannon Group in 1986 on several music videos, commercials, and a feature film. Worked as freelance sound engineer and session producer at SIR and Studio One West, LA, CA from 1982-87. Production Manager for Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation 1988-1991. Editor for Lit/Art Zine, Your Elbow, 1989-1991. Production and Tour Management for Bill Graham Presents, SF, CA, 1992-1994. Production and Promotion for Family Dog Entertainment, SF, CA 1994-96. Live Entertainment Management, Live Video Production for 2B1 Productions, Maritime Hall, SF, CA, 1997-2002. Producer/Engineer for Strong Foundation Recordings, SF, CA.1998-2003. Asst. Foley Artist and Asst. Sound Editor at Skywalker Ranch, Murch Soundstage, Lucas Valley, CA 1998-2000. Producer for Steppin’ Razor Entertainment, LA/SF, CA 1998-2009. Writer/Director for MTG Productions, LA, CA from 2000-2004, Producer/Director for Disciples Of Desire Films, LA, CA, 2007-2009.


1 Film

  • Bad Guys (2009) 1st AD Paradigm Pictures / Dir. Tim Cogshell
  • 25 Cent Preview (2007) 1st AD Bolthegard Films / Dir. Cyrus Amini
  • Truth Hall (2007) 1st AD Stepping Stone Productions / Dir. Jade Dixon
  • Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl (2006) 2nd AD Slave Girl Productions/AFI / Dir. Karen Hayes
  • Fight The Darkness (2006) 2nd AD The Mine / Dir. Petro
  • Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008) 2nd Unit AD LucasFilm Ltd./ Dir. Steven Spielberg
  • Five A. M. (2007) 2nd 2nd AD Shadow screen Productions / Dir. Ryan Travis
  • Breaking Point (2007) Key Set PA Sony Pictures / Dir. Hayley Cloake
  • Spring Breakdown (2007) Key Set PA Warner Bros. / Dir. Ryan Shiraki
  • Deep Creek (2005) 2nd Unit AD/Location Manager MTG Productions / Dir. Merlin Gaspers
  • On Being Walter (2008) Producer/Director Steppin’ Razor Entertainment
  • Home Invasion (2008) Producer/Director Disciples Of Desire Films
  • The Grind (2004) Producer/Director Steppin’ Razor Entertainment
  • 16th and Mission (2001) Producer/Director Steppin’ Razor Entertainment

2 Television

  • Cold Case Files (2nd Unit) 1st AD Kandoo Films/CBS / Dir. Jim Matlosz
  • CSI: Miami (2nd Unit) 1st AD Kandoo Films/CBS / Dir. Jim Matlosz
  • Cane (2nd Unit) 1st AD Kandoo Films/CBS / Dir. Jim Matlosz
  • Penny Gallery 1st AD HBO/ Dir. Jason Crain
  • Pushing Daisies (2nd Unit) 1st AD Warner Television / Dir. Jim Matlosz
  • Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles (2nd Unit) 1st AD AM Stock – Cameo Film / Dir. Chris Angelich
  • Ugly Betty (2nd Unit) 1st AD AM Stock-Cameo Film / Dir. Chris Angelich
  • Notes From The Underbelly (2nd Unit) 1st AD Warner Television / Dir. Chris Angelich
  • Mun2 Image Campaign 2nd AD NBC Universal/mun2 / Dir. Jose Wolf
  • JC Penney/ MTV “Insider’s” Insert 2nd AD MTV/ Remote Productions / Dir. Matt Jabin
  • Bad Brains-Jackass/52 Bands Promos 2nd AD MTV / Dir. Jahai Brightly
  • The IT Room 2nd 2nd AD Motiv Films / Dir. Eric Bute
  • Mike’s Super Short Show 2nd 2nd AD 7ATE9/Disney / Dir. Art Spigel
  • Spike TV/CSI Guys 2nd 2nd AD Motiv Films / Dir. Eric Bute
  • Noah’s Arc Key Set PA Logos/MTV Films

3 Commercials

  • Apple/iPod 1st AD Logan Media / Dir. Logan
  • Company 81 1st AD Decon / Dir. Jason Goldwach
  • Yoplait 1st AD Alta Vista Films/ Dir. Micheal Lozano
  • A&W Restaurants 1st AD Alta Vista Films / Dir. Scott Randall
  • Long John Silver’s Restaurants 1st AD Alta Vista Films / Dir. Scott Randall
  • Microsoft 2nd AD Radical Media / Dir. Zack
  • Nikon feat. Ashton Kutcher 2nd AD SuperFad NY/ M. Chef Roussel, 1st AD
  • Levi’s 2nd AD Tate, USA/ Dir. Eric King
  • Chevrolet Silverado 2nd AD Letca Films / Dir. Jorge Colon
  • Nutrisystem / Testimonial feat. Jillian Barbieri 2nd AD Center City Film & Video / Dir. Brian Isley
  • DKV 2nd AD Atomik Pictures / Dir. Levi
  • Sony Vaio/Bravo 2nd AD Ignited Minds / D.P. Jim Tarmu
  • Glad/Saran Wrap 2nd AD Anonymous Content
  • VW 2nd 2nd AD Tate, USA/ Dir. Phil Brown
  • Guitar Hero 4 2nd 2nd AD The Ant Farm/ Dir. Lisa Rosenberg
  • Wall E promo 2nd 2nd AD Tim Nolan Productions/ Dir. George Bloom
  • Kia 2nd 2nd AD Bob Industries / Dir. Lisa Rubisch
  • Xzyience Testimonial 2nd 2nd AD Atomik Films / Dir. Meng Johnson
  • Mortal Kombat 2nd 2nd AD Make It Happen Productions / Dir. John Bruno
  • Jack In The Box 2nd 2nd AD Alta Vista Films / Dir. Rodrigo Garcia
  • Bud Light PA(AD) Caviar/ Dir. Peter Farrelly
  • VW/Tiguan PA(AD) The Director’s Bureau/ Dir. Roman Coppolla
  • Apple/iPhone3G PA(AD) Anonymous Content/ Dir. David Fincher
  • Stand Up To Cancer/PSA PA(AD) Anonymous Content/ Dir. David Fincher
  • Zune PA (AD) The Directors Bureau / Dir. Patrick Daughters
  • AirTran PA (AD) Biscuit Filmworks / Dir. Tim Godsall
  • American Express feat. Larry David PA(AD) Hungry Man, Inc. / Dir. Brian Buckley
  • Kia PA (AD) MJZ / Dir. Steven Diller
  • Cingular PA (AD) Go Film / Dir. Neil Tardo
  • T Mobile PA (AD) Biscuit Filmworks / Dir. Tim Godsall
  • Travelers Insurance PA (AD) Biscuit Filmworks/ Dir. Tim Godsall
  • Toyota PA (AD) Biscuit Filmworks / Dir. Tim Godsall
  • ESPN/WaMu PA(AD) Biscuit Filmworks / Dir. Jefferey Reisig
  • Dunkin’ Donuts PA (AD) The Directors Bureau / Dir. Mike Maguire
  • Carmax PA (AD) The Directors Bureau / Dir. Mike Maguire
  • Target PA(AD) The Director’s Bureau/ Dir. Mike Maguire
  • Toyota PA(AD) Anonymous Content / Dir. Andrew Douglas
  • Honda PA(AD) MJZ / Dir. Rocky Morton
  • Domino’s Pizza PA(AD) MJZ / Dir. Rocky Morton
  • Verizon PA(AD) MJZ / Dir. Rocky Morton
  • Purina Cat Chow Key Set PA Detour / Dir. Dana Tynan
  • Foster Grant Key Set PA HKM / Dir. Walter Kehr
  • Stolichnaya Art Dept. Swing Goon Media

3 Comedy / Documentary

  • 13 Cuts Of A Razor Producer/Director Steppin’ Razor Productions
  • The Penny Gallery 1st AD JCrain Productions/HBO / Dir. Jason Crain
  • One Night Stand 1st AD Unidentified Films / Dir. Donna Trousdale

4 Video

  • “Never Again”/All Shall Perish 1st AD/Producer Unlimited Arts/ Dir. Gary
  • “Bitches”/The Bad Fathers 1st AD/Producer Disciples Of Desire Films/ Dir. M. Chef Roussel
  • “Boys”/The Autumns 1st AD Lodger Films/ Dir. Piper Ferguson
  • “Walking On Air”/Kerli 2nd AD Refused TV/ Dir. Aggressive
  • “Aesthetic Army”/ L.P. 2nd AD Radical Media/ Dir. Salzy
  • “Inolvidable”/Reik 2nd AD Casual Pictures/Box Lab Crew/Dir. Arturo Zuniga
  • “Kung Fu Fighting”/Kung Fu Panda Movie Soundtrack Video 2nd AD Karma Kollective/ Dir. Elliot Lester
  • “Blades Of Glory” / Bo Bice 2nd AD Lodger Films/Dreamworks / Dir. Rob Schroeder
  • “As I Am” / 1000 Pictures 2nd AD Meritocracy Productions / Dir. Matthew Welch
  • “Missing You” / Ray J 2nd AD Immigrant Films / Dir. Bernard Gourley
  • “Grammy Family” / DJ Khaleed and Terror Squad 2nd AD Immigrant Films /Dir. Bernard Gourley
  • “Angel” / Flipsyde 2nd AD Immigrant Films / Dir. Bernard Gourley
  • “Bethamphetamine (Pretty, Pretty)” / Butch Walker feat. Avril Lavigne 2nd AD Mimome Productions / Dir. Moh Azima
  • “Sacred Heart” / It Dies Today 2nd AD Factory Features / Dir. Salzy
  • “Outta My Head(Ay Ya Ya)” / Ashlee Simpson 2nd 2nd AD. Anonymous Content Dir. Alan Ferguson
  • “Boy With A Coin” / Iron & Wine 2nd 2nd AD Black Dog Films / Dir. Lauri Faggioni
  • “Used To Get High” / John Butler Trio 2nd 2nd AD Highway 114 / Dir. Dori Oskowitz
  • “Inconsolable” / Backstreet Boys 2nd 2nd AD Rockhard Films / Dir. Ray Kay
  • “Ain’t Got You” / Kevin Michael 2nd 2nd AD Draw Pictures / Dir. Petro
  • “Hook Me UP” / The Veronicas 2nd 2nd AD Tricycle Logic / Dir. Scott Spear
  • “Thrill Of It” / Robert Randolph and The Family Band 2nd 2nd AD DNA / Dir. Lenny Bass
  • “Lexington(Joey Pea-Pot With A Monkey Face)” / Chiodos Key Set PA Refused TV / Dir. Josh Graham


Knowledge of union and guild rules and regulations
pre- and post- production skills
Fluent on Avid, ProTools, Final Cut and Logic7
Experience in all film and video formats currently in use
experience with keeping a crew running throughout the shooting schedule
Ability to work under pressure