• 35 – 42 yrs old
  • 6′ 5″
  • 235 lbs
  • Brown
  • Shoulder
  • Brown
  • White/Caucasian

Union Status
SAG Eligible



David Kyl-Brown is an LA-based actor, writer, Aikido black belt martial arts instructor, and the creator of a unique and eclectic motivational/self-help program entitled A Hard Day’s Fight.

Through his training and introspection, David saw that Wisdom is universal. He saw that the techniques and mindset he had acquired, were just as advantageous when applied to the daily struggles of living; stratagems that help the martial artist, are as equally helpful to the artist, the business person, men, women, and children, of all ages; thus David went about creating special classes for people from all walks of life.

Wanting to give back, David recently began to offer motivational/self-help web classes to show people how they can triumph in all of life’s struggles.


David was awarded his Shodan (Black Belt) in 1998 from Kisshomaru Ueshiba, the son of the founder of Aikido, Moriteru Ueshiba, in traditional Japanese Aikido through Hombu Dojo in Japan. David studied full time for over ten years to achieve this ranking. David also studied Zen Buddhism, other martial arts, weapons systems, and began self-study after 911.

In 2002, after immigrating to California from Canada, led by a newfound passion after 911 to help the everyday person, David began teaching privately. Up until this point, David had taught traditionally at dojos but felt the need to now changing his focus, to synergistically strengthen those he teaches, to build the most elusive of all human traits, will… fortitude.

David has acted in a myriad of projects including television films (See Arnold Run, Painting Outside the lines), episodic series (Veronica Mars, Tekwar, and Top Cops), scores of commercials (MADD’s Loaded Keys won awards in Canada) and many industrials.

David has also worked behind the scenes in a variety of positions through the NABET union (Jim Henson Productions, Check it Out, with Don Adams, various award shows, news programs, and television series).

David Kyl-Brown, also known as David Dantes, is known for Revelation: The End of Days (2014), Reign (2013) and Lost Faces of the Bible(2012).