Jay Schweid is the CEO of Ephelants, a New York-based production company. Combining his cultural, trade and collaborative experiences, Jay created Ephelants to serve as a conduit for all aspects of entertainment. As the leader of the Ephelants pack, Jay is committed to the creative and financial development of the company, along with fulfilling the artistic vision behind each project for the global community.

Jay started his entertainment career at age sixteen. After working with various promoters at exclusive nightclubs such as Studio 54 and Area, he decided to explore his passion for professional tennis and in doing so, trained extensively with Martina Navratilova and numerous other local professionals. As a way to pay for his training, Jay became responsible for providing thousands of freshly customized and strung rackets for top players around the world. Although known as “the Stringer to the Stars”, he started getting requests ranging from how to close a deal and market events, to which tennis coach players should use. Combining both the nightlife and tennis worlds, Jay created Concierge Service and was responsible for throwing Player Parties around the world.

After living in LA for four years, Jay segued out of the tennis world and shifted his primary focus back to generating entertainment. While spearheading numerous independent films and music videos, Jay expanded his repertoire with diverse creative team members. When not on set, he has helped guide up and coming producers, directors and artists on how to be business savvy while pursuing their artistic goals. Having traveled extensively since he was a teenager, Jay continues to establish and maintain business relationships with collaborators from the American and International markets.

Of all of Jay’s accomplishments, his biggest achievement is his daughter Mimi, an aspiring writer who may be that much cooler than the man himself.