Born in London, raised in Greece, college in Texas and moved to New York in January 2009, I have pursued film since 2001 and have never looked back. Since my college years, I have directed, edited and written 3 short films two of which have won student awards at my college. I have DP’d on 3 more shorts and directed, edited and wrote a feature-length rockumentary.

Currently, I am producing six films to be released by the end of February and have another 15 projects throughout 2010. Most are shorts, a couple of music videos and my first feature-length film to be shot in July of this year.

In 2007 I was given the job of Lead Filmmaker at the first annual Norman Music Festival in Norman, OK and have kept that position ever since. I have also directed and edited many live concerts for small indie bands and a couple of major bands as well.

You can find more of my work on Facebook as well, just look me up under John Alexander Kontoyannis and I will be more than happy to add you and start a business relationship with all.

I joined this site to network and meet as many people as I can in the industry. Those who are passionate, creative, have big goals, a powerful drive and undying love for the craft of filmmaking. I hope we can work together in the very near future.