Ryan Ullman graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a degree in History and a Film Certificate. In his many film classes, he learned about the great directors of both American and European Cinema. He also learned the true meaning of Avante garde and surreal film. The most valuable teachings that Ryan learned from his many great professors was to question everything and only feel satisfied after doing your best. During his memorable and fun years at the University of Massachusetts, Ryan gained a great sense of self and left with a confidence and drive to enter and take on the Entertainment Industry head on.

Since then he has been working in the industry for over a year now taking part in all types of projects from music videos, televisions pilots, and spec-commercials, to both short and feature films. He started out learning the basics of the industry through doing Production Assistant work and gradually progressed into Assistant Director work and Producing.

After his third month in California, Ryan joined the Aaron Speiser Acting Studio. He successfully completed their three-month technique program, which gave him knowledge in various forms of acting techniques and set preparation. Yet, more importantly to him, it instilled a sense of appreciation for both actors and actress’s showing him how hard it truly was to be in front of the camera, but also how enjoyable.

Currently, he writes and produces films in the independent world, while also interning at di Bonaventura Pictures, a production company on the Paramount Studio Lot. Di Bonaventura Pictures, led by the great President and Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, has made such films as Transformers, Constantine, and Four Brothers with many other films in development.

Interests and Activities

I love playing and watching professional tennis, table tennis, paddle tennis, raquet ball, basketball, working out, and simply anything active. I enjoy food whether it be ordering or cooking it and trying new creative dishes. I enjoy poker, watching and making films and some television shows, and fast cars.

Favorite Movies

Scent of a Woman, With Honors, Dead Poets Society, Great Expectations, School Ties, White Fang, Gataca, The Snowman, Rudy

Favorite TV Shows

Iron Chef America, CNN, The Family Guy, The Office, The Simpsons, Bill Maher, The Sopranos, Sex in the City, Trueblood, ESPN, Entourage

Favorite Books

Harry Potter 1-7, Anything by Steve Alten, Catcher in the Rye,

Favorite Music

Rock, metal, classical, alternative, hip-hop, R&B, rap, techno