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How to Check Your Blood Pressure

Many ways enable you to check your blood pressure. You can check it at home or the doctor’s office. You can also let someone else do it for you at home, using an ordinary manual monitor or the digital one. Following are steps that enable you to check up your blood pressure easily.

Manual monitors
Manual monitors
digital monitors
digital monitors

1 First of all, you should relax for a few minutes before starting with this process of measurement. Then, roll up your sleeves if they were long or thick to be able to hear the pulse and get the right results.

2 Put the cuff around the upper part of your arm and try not to get it too tight or too loose. Then, Place the head of the diaphragm beneath the cuff right on the skin to be able to hear the beats when you get to start the measurement.

Checking blood pressure by yourself
Checking blood pressure by yourself

3 Take the pulp in your hand when the diaphragm’s head in your other hand. Start to pump till you get a clear sound or wait till you listen to the first beat. Keep watching the gauge, while listening to the beats till you get nothing to hear.

4 Then you can write down the reading result on the gauge as this is your blood pressure’s final result. You should use the same arm for measuring your blood pressure every time you do so. After you get the reading, you can finally inflate the cuff.

5 If you doubt the result, recheck your blood pressure. If you want to take another reading within ten minutes, you can come up with a more accurate result.

Note: You should figure out the meaning of the numbers as the Normal blood pressure should be: Systolic number should be less than 120 and the diastolic number of less than 80. Any other number will indicate abnormal blood pressure whether it was high or low.

I guess you can now measure your blood pressure effortlessly. You can do it to yourself or let someone else do it for you. You can use a manual or digital monitor. You can also go to the doctor if you are not sure about the result. I hope these simple steps have been useful to you to be able to check your blood pressure by yourself or do it for another one who might need you to do that someday. I hope you enjoyed this article. Good luck!

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