If you want to have a large wedding party, there are some basic things you’ll have to consider. You need to pick the maids of honor and the best men carefully. You must also include some relatives in this list. You should also set the dresses design, colors for the maids of honor and the bouquet type they are going to hold through your wedding party. I’ll try to give you some helpful tips to be able to set your mind during this process.

1 First of all, before doing anything rashly, try to slow down and take your time. Give yourself time to consider all the options in your mind. Then try to choose the closest people to you recently to be the best men and maids of honor.

2 Don’t consider friends who live far away or don’t have time as they can’t commit the whole time. Let them do the wedding preparations, like the invitation party and make a list of food and drinks to let you choose between them for the party.

3 You should ask some relatives to be at your wedding party as best men and maids of honor. Family relatives are the first people to consider at such events especially siblings.

4 Consider the number of the invitations as well as the number of the guests you would invite to your party as they need a lot of preparation. They might also need ushers to lead them to their seats especially if your wedding was big. Your friends from the best men and maids of honor could help you with this subject too.

5 If there are a lot of people you want to include in your wedding party but just can’t include them as maids of honor and best men. You can give them other roles, like ushers, ceremony readers or candle lighters.

6 There are no exact rules about how to dress the maids of honor and the best men. You can dress your best men in tuxedos and your maids of honor in dresses. Just try to make sure that they’re comfortable enough with what you want them to wear in your wedding.


Choosing your best men and maids of honor isn’t an easy task. But you have to pick your friends who you can rely on them in the most critical issues and the most serious situations. Your wedding will demand very committed people to rely on as they will do a lot of tasks like holding rings, the bride’s dress and a lot of other important stuff. Try to be wise and reasonable while you get to choose your wedding attendants. I wish you the best of luck when you do this. Don’t forget to thank the members of your wedding party by gifting them wedding cards with thoughtful notes for their love and support on your big day.