Many girls share the same feelings towards some actions. If you like a girl, try to impress her once in a while through some nice attitudes that would influence most of the girls.

1 First of all, most of the girls like to receive flowers as a gift from time to time. You should know her favorite type of flowers and give them to her as a gesture of love. I guess many girls like boys to do that for them.

2 Look nice. Keep yourself always in shape by doing some exercises. If you want a woman to like you more, then try to have the basic cleanliness lines and looks. You should also brush your teeth and shave regularly.

3 Try to be her friend and listen to her carefully. Girls like to talk about what happens with them during the whole day. You have to be a good listener to win over her heart completely.

4 Gain her trust as a woman will only be intimate with a man when she trusts and cares about him. This can’t be done till you show her how much you care about her and her life and try to find solutions for her problems along with her to make her feel that she can depend on you someday when she needs you.

5 Most girls like to hear some compliments about themselves, that makes them special, not something that plenty of other women could have or hear. If you complimented merit that she has, try to be truthful, as women can figure out if they were just words that you don’t mean them. Better speak true and nice words from your heart.

6 Try to do something you like together such as running, playing, listening to or playing music. Try to find something you both like and share each other these moments to be closer.

7 If she likes something you hate, don’t provoke her for that as you still are two different people. If she hates something you like, don’t force her to be with you at that time. It could be a football match for example: if she doesn’t like football, don’t force her to watch the game with you. You would be a real gentleman any woman would like.

I hope you get benefits of this article on how to convince your girlfriend that you are the one for her. I wish you enjoyed reading it. Best Wishes.