Friends can have a bad influence on you if they bully you or know your points of weakness to use against you. You can’t control or change someone to your benefit by any means. Those kinds of friends can get your self-esteem down and ruin your life. We know that it’s hard to break up with those friends, but it’s the healthiest way to deal with them. You might feel scared that you won’t have friends at all if you lost them. Well, don’t think and do what you feel is right. Following, I’m giving you some pieces of advice to be able to manage those kinds of bad people that call themselves friends.

1 Be yourself and don’t let anybody make you feel low self-esteem. Some of these wrong friends can bring your energy down or make you do something that you don’t feel right. Try to avoid these people as they will only be a bad influence on you.

2 Some of these friends want to control and take advantage of you. So, don’t be their victim and do whatever they like or tell you to do. Tell them that you don’t want to do that, and if they kept bullying you, don’t feel bad and make a distance between you and them.

3 Start to meet new people and make friends with them. Choose them carefully to avoid repeating your previous experience. These new friends can make you regain your self-confidence and feel that you can trust people again.

4 If you felt that you are in dark places considering friendships. Trust me that if you are in complete loneliness, then it’s the time to be strong enough to face life and have a new start with a lot of good new people that would make you feel a lot better. As they say, there is always light at the end of the tunnel, so there is always a new turn for your life page with new good friends. Trust yourself and be honest with people to get to know you better and make friends with you for you. Finally trust the old saying that says, what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger.


Bad friends

Bad friends

These were my simple advice to you in case you needed to cut off your relationship with a friend that has a bad influence on you. If you are scared of loneliness because of losing that friend, you should be honest with yourself and have the courage to deal with life on your own for some time. You’ll eventually meet new people that would make you feel better and have a fresh start with new friendships. I hope these tips have been useful to you and wish good luck to all of you.