There are so many ways that show us how to draw the Halloween skeleton easily. You can draw a skull with just crossbones or you can apply a full skeleton from the face to the bottom part of the feet. You can also use as many shapes of skulls as there are always many methods to draw the same thing.

A crossbones skeleton face

A crossbones skeleton face

Halloween's skeleton

Halloween’s skeleton

1 The first step you should apply is the skull. Begin by drawing a small circle or oval shape to represent the face. Then you have got to try drawing the eye shades, the nose, and the teeth. You can do that by different methods. Then, add a place for the ears.

2 The next step is to draw the collateral bones between the ribs to represent another part of the skeleton’s body. You can do that by drawing a simple chain line or so many small circles above each other. Then, add the ribs on both sides of the main chain shape bone at the center.

3 You can apply the next lower part of the skeleton’s body beneath the ribs and the central main bone that joins the ribs together. This part can be drawn as two hearts or apples attached to each other below the ribs.

4 You can then apply the arms by drawing some subtract bones attached to each other below the neck and on each side of the attached ribs. For the hands, draw¬†the skeleton’s fingers as shown in the following picture.

5 The last and final step is to draw the legs which locate beneath the lower part of the skeleton’s body beneath the ribs. You can draw them as bone shapes like the arms or you can double them to look thicker and stronger than the arms. Apply the feet drawing which could be done in rectangular or oval shapes, then draw the fingers of the feet.


The final result

The final result

I wish that you have got now some few ideas on how to draw a skeleton at Halloween. You can apply many shapes as much as you want. Draw a skull with crossbones or wings. You can also draw a full detailed skeleton if you want so. Another good idea is to teach this simple drawing to your children in case they wanted to. I hope you to enjoy your time at next Halloween. Good luck!