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How to Draw Simple Fireworks Drawing

Fireworks are such a magical part of parties. Everyone likes to see fireworks in the air. However, when you get to draw them on the paper, you’d feel that it’s a really a difficult task to accomplish. But I assure you it’s an easy drawing beyond your imagination. There are many simple ways to draw a lovely fireworks drawing. You can use those ways to draw fireworks by yourself or you can teach them to your kids. Following, I’m showing you a few simple steps of fireworks drawing. I hope you’d enjoy it.

1 You can begin by drawing a circle or a small star at the center of the fireworks. You can also draw a small circle around a smaller star. You can do this more times if you want to draw many fireworks but keep a long distance between the small circles.

2 Then you can draw many curved lines around these small circles to look like a tree or a palm tree. These lines should be of different length but all curved. You can also apply very short lines between each two curved longer lines.

3 You can then apply dashes on each curved line or you can also draw small stars in the space between the curved lines. You can then apply colors to the dashed lines in many different ways and shapes. You can also add some glittery stuff or stickers to this drawing.

4 You can then apply many different shades to each fireworks drawing. You can also fill the small stars with solid shiny colors and add glitter to them as a lovely final touch.

5 You can also use some lovely small accessories to apply to this drawing. You can use them on the curved long lines or the selected star outer lines. They would really look unique and elegant.

I hope you get now some ideas to draw simple fireworks for your kids. There are many simple ways and techniques that you can use to create a lovely drawing on your own. You can teach these simple steps to your kid as well. I hope you have enjoyed these simple tips. Best of luck!

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