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How to Escape from a Hanging Car over a Cliff?

People have car accidents all the time, and regardless of how impossible some car accidents may seem, it is always good to be prepared for any situation like that. So, just in case you find yourself rolling off a cliff, check out the following tips to be ready for anything that might come your way.

A hanging car over a cliff
A hanging car over a cliff

1- The 1st thing you should do is trying not to panic and stay calm. If the vehicle is moving or shifting, Use the smartest way you can get to escape from the car.

2- The next step is to make sure of keeping your foot on the brake. Try to be slow and smooth when you get to press on the brake. It may be the only thing that’s preventing you from going down off the cliff.

3- You have to stop right away if you have detected any car movement. If your car front tires are the only tires on the ground, try to find any object to keep the brake pedal down.

4- Open the doors and the windows to be able to escape if there was no other option. Take off your seatbelt as soon as possible and turn off the car. If you couldn’t open the windows, try to get a small tool to smash the window and open the doors.

5- If there are multiple people in the car, make a plan before anybody starts to move. Those who are seated closest to the cliff’s edge should get out first, and then the rest can move. This will maintain the vehicle’s balance of weight. Keep in mind that the slightest shift in weight could change your vehicle’s location of its resting place. It is always good to have some rock climbing equipment on your passenger seat to be able to drive over the cliff if you had to.

6- Don’t try to take anything with you while you are getting out from the car as it could be risky for your escape.

Trying to get out of the car
Trying to get out of the car

At most of the times, when a car misses a turn and ends up going off a cliff, it does not stop until it hits the bottom of the rocks.¬†However, if you tried to do some of these tips, you could be able to avoid this kind of tragedy and get out safely from the car. Just don’t panic and use the brakes smoothly till you stop the car in a good balance. Then open the doors and the windows if possible to escape in either way as soon as possible. I wish you to be careful enough and try to avoid any car accidents

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