• Joining Massify
    Joining Massify

    How do I join Massify?

    To join Massify, click “Sign Up” on the homepage and then follow the prompts. Massify will soon have two tiers of use: basic and pro. Basic membership allows for networking, access to the jobs section, and the ability to create project pages. Pro membership, which is for the more serious professional, will allow you to use the collaborative tool set more thoroughly to assist your productions. As we roll out new features, we’ll keep you updated about how we are differentiating Basic and Pro memberships.

    How do I validate my account?

    Shortly after you register to become a Massify member, we will send an email to the address you provide, asking you to validate your account. To confirm your interest in joining the community, just click on the link provided in the email. Remember, you can’t create projects, apply for or post jobs, or connect with other professionals until you validate your account. If you can’t find your validation email, try checking your spam folder. If you’re still having trouble, go into your Profile Settings to request that a new validation email be sent.

    Why should I validate my account?

    The short answer is that you should validate your account to prove that you are a real person who wants to join the Massify community and not a spam robot. Validating your account will also let us know that your email address works

    Do I have to pay anything?

    At the moment, Massify is completely free. As we add more specialized functionality to the site, this may change, but you will always be able to access Massify for no charge.

  • Projects

    What’s a project?

    On Massify, your project is whatever you want it to be. Basically, it’s a space on the web for you to develop and organize your production. You can use it to collaborate with your team, and/or a way to generate buzz before and after your project is released.

    Resources like asset and team management streamline some of the traditional bottlenecks of production – helping you to communicate better with your cast and crew and make the best film possible.

    How do I create a project?

    To create a project, go to your homepage and click the “Create Project” link in your Project Manager. That link will take you directly to the project creation screen. You can also access this page by clicking the “Create a Project ” button on the Projects landing page. From there, you will be asked to submit information about your project, as well as the URL where your project will live. Also, whenever you post a job opportunity on Massify, a project for that post will also be created on the site.

    Once your project is created, you will be able to develop it further by adding and managing your screenplay, cast, crew, production details and other assets.

    Who can see my project?

    You control who sees your project based on the permission parameters you select. You can keep it private, allowing only you to see your project or restrict viewing to just your contacts (site connections). Or you can let anybody on the site see your project details by making it public.

    What’s a pitch?

    The Hollywood tradition of pitching lets a dreamer walk into a meeting with nothing but an idea, and walk out a moviemaker. Some partnered opportunities on Massify call on you to pitch your idea. This usually requires you to enter a logline and a synopsis, and sometimes a pitch video. It’s an exciting way to level the creative playing field.

    What’s a pitch video?

    A pitch video conveys the essence of your pitch in a concise, high-impact way. It could be a proposed scene, you pitching your idea to the camera or a combination of both.

    Some partnered opportunities on Massify will ask you to provide a pitch video. Just make sure you don’t use any copyrighted material, such as music or images whose rights you don’t own.

    What’s a logline?

    A logline is a single sentence summary of your project’s plot with a “hook” to generate interest.

    What’s a synopsis?

    A synopsis is a brief written description of what will happen in your project. It might give details on the characters, plot, and tone of your project. As far as tone goes, think of the first paragraph on the back of your future film’s DVD case, then flesh out the rest of the story. Remember, a synopsis does not give away all of the details. It’s meant to entice people to read more.

    What are assets?

    In Massify-speak, assets are the media related to your project, such as videos, stills, storyboards, your screenplay, dailies, and other items that need to be organized and shared.

  • Studio

    How do I get my project featured in the Studio?

    We feature projects that are innovative, well put-together and would be of general interest to the Massify community. The best way to get featured is to create a really compelling project and communicate your vision with additional media. If you’d like to nominate a stellar project to be featured that we might have missed (we’re only human!), go ahead and contact us.

    How do I become featured in the Studio?

    We love featuring creative community members in the Studio. We decide who to feature by looking at profiles and media, so the more active you are within the community, the better chance you have of being profiled. Please let us know at what you are working on and any films you’ve recently completed because we want to help you share your stories with your peers.

  • Production Partners
    Production Partners

    What are partnered productions?

    Massify works with leading industry partners to develop innovative programs that harness the talent and ideas that make up Massify’s community. For more information about current productions, please visit the Studio.

    How do I apply for a partnered production?

    You can always submit for partnered productions through the site. If you haven’t already, you will need to register and validate your Massify account before submitting any materials. Please go to the Studio section to find out about the specific submission requirements for each program.

  • Jobs

    How do I get a job?

    Our jobs section is divided by cast and crew. If you work in front of the camera, go to the casting section. If you are a crew member, check out the crew jobs section. From there, you can search by job location and what you want to be hired to do.

    When you are applying for a job or role, make sure you choose which assets from your profile will be submitted along with your application. For instance, if you are an actor, you can choose which headshot and reel you would like to attach to your submission. Keeping your resume and other profile information up to date also really helps you make the best possible impression.

    How do I post a job?

    You can post a job through the Jobs landing page. If you haven’t done so already, when you create a job post, you will be asked to insert some information about your project to help applicants better understand what you’re looking for. While it’s okay to not give everything away (for instance, ‘network TV pilot’ works fine), the more details you give, the more credible your project will seem to the high-quality people you need to attract. Also, when you insert details about your project, a project area is automatically created for you on the site.

    How do I manage jobs?

    Whether you are posting a casting notice or looking for a gaffer, you will be able to access all of your job listings through the Manage Jobs section under the Jobs navigation tab.

  • Headshot Builder
    Headshot Builder

    Why should I use the Massify headshot builder?

    The Massify headshot builder makes it easy to create custom digital headshots for any role you are submitting to, which you can then download or print at high resolutions. The headshot is based on the photos and credits from your Massify profile page and can be easily emailed and shared with those who matter in the industry. The headshot builder formats much of your headshot for you and saves you time and money while allowing you to always put your best foot forward.

    What do I need in order to use this tool?

    In order to use this tool, you’ll need at least one picture of yourself to begin building your headshot. High-res images work best, and the tool works perfectly with your existing headshot images. If you have more than one photo of yourself, you can add multiple photos to the headshot on both sides. Also, it helps if you’ve already inserted credits, skills, and training on your resume in your Massify profile. This allows you to easily drag and customize your existing information for each headshot.

    How do I begin building my headshot?

    The easiest way to begin building your headshot is to go through the headshot builder wizard, which will take you step by step through the process. If not, you can go directly to the builder. You’ll see all of your profile assets housed in the bottom right-hand rectangle. Simply drag these into your headshot and then edit them.

    How do I edit my headshot?

    First, make sure you are on the page you’d like to edit. You have two to choose from: front and back. Using the small page icons on the top of the builder, choose F for front or B for back. Click on the element of your headshot you would like to edit. When you click, an edit box will appear. Four small, red squares outline the edit box; left click on any of these to begin editing and then hold and drag until you’ve reached your desired effect. In order to delete an element, click on it and then press Delete on your keyboard.

    How do I crop my headshot within the tool?

    You cannot crop the entire page; you can only crop images already on that page. Therefore, if you’d like to crop your photo, click once on the photo, then choose the first of the two small black boxes, which is the crop tool. A small image will appear to crop. Drag on the top left red box to crop your image, choose Crop, and the image will appear on your main headshot page. To resize an image, hold down the Shift key and drag any corner of the image.

    How do I add text to the headshot?

    In the tool menu to the right of the headshot, choose the Text option. A text box outlined in red will appear on your headshot. Drag the text box to the desired position on the headshot. Underneath the Text option is a Properties tab, and within that is a gray box that reads ‘text’. Type your text into this box to make it appear on the headshot.

    My text is hidden by photos or vice versa. How do I fix this?

    Think about the text and photos you are adding onto your headshot like you think of layers in a traditional photo editing program like Photoshop. There are two options underneath the Properties tab: Bring To Front and Send To Back. If you bring an image or text box to front, it is completely visible. If you send it to back, whatever is behind that layer becomes visible. If your text or photo is hidden, click on it; when it becomes outlined in red, click Send To Front.

    How do I edit my credits?

    Your credits come directly off your resume on your Massify profile. They will appear under the Credits tab in the headshot builder. Simply drag them onto your headshot. In order to add or subtract to these, save your headshot. Go back to your profile and edit your credits. Then go back into your headshot. Your new credits will appear under the Credits tab. You may now drag those into your headshot. You may also manually enter credits using the Paragraph tool.

    I’ve finished my headshot. Now what do I do?

    After you’ve completed your headshot, save it. It will automatically save to your Massify profile. You may also download it, which is an option found next to the page option. It will save as a PDF file (2 pages). You may then print this, or send it as an email attachment.

  • Your Account
    Your Account

    How can I update my account information?

    Click “Settings” in the upper right-hand corner of your screen, or go directly to the Settings Page.

    Can I turn off automatic emails sent to me by Massify?

    Yes. While signed in, go to your Settings in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You can decide what communications you receive from Massify – and how you receive them – under Notifications

    How can I cancel my account?

    Why would you want to do that?! Okay, okay, you can cancel your account by going to your Settings while logged in. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you’ll see the option to delete your account. And please let us know why you would want to do such an awful thing.

Your Profile

How can I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile information using any of the blue edit links on your profile page.

What information goes into my connections?

Your connections tab displays who you are connected to on Massify. If another user has attempted to connect with you, and you agree that you do in fact know that person, (s)he shows up as a connection. It works the other way around too, of course.

What information goes into my vital statistics?

If you are an actor or model, your vital statistics section allows you to specify your eye and hair color, ethnicity, gender, the age range of characters you can play, hair length, height, and weight.

Your Home Page

What is my Home Page?

Your Home Page is a personalized homepage you can use to manage all your site activity. The Home Page lets you easily track what matters the most to you as you interact with the site and pursue a career in film. Are you tracking the progress of projects you’ve submitted to competition? Looking for roles to audition for? Just want to follow a favorite actor? The Home Page gives you easy modules to let you do so.

Ultimately, the Home Page centralizes your site experience, so you can keep track of everything you’re doing at Massify from one page.

How do I use my Home Page?

To get the most out of your new Home Page, we recommend you fill out your Massify resume and profile. That way, the Home Page will be able to provide you with more effective and targeted information.

Once you have fleshed out your resume and profile, you’re ready to customize your Home Page page. First, the Home Page drop-down menu allows you to select and add the modules you want displayed. After adding these modules, use our drag-and-drop feature to arrange them according to your preference. And finally, apply your module settings to further refine the items shown in your modules.

How do I get to my Home Page?

You can always return to your Home Page using the “Home” link.

What is the Messages module for?

The Messages module can display all your incoming and outgoing messages. You can also use the Messages tab on the top right of every site page to access your messages.

What is the Connection Activity module for?

The Connection Activity module tells you what your Massify connections are up to. For example, if one of your connections creates a project or submits an audition for a role, that activity will be displayed in this module.

What is the Comments module for?

The Comments module displays what people are saying about your projects. This module gives you an easy way to keep track of community feedback.

What is the Projects module for?

The Projects module displays projects created by other Massify members. This module helps you find out about new projects in the community.

What is the Project Manager module for?

The Project Manager houses all your Massify projects in one place, allowing you to access them quickly and easily. This module also keeps track of your projects’ details, as well as the ratings, views, and votes they received from the Massify community.

What is the My Votes module for?

The My Votes module keeps track of everything you vote for in competition. Use this module to keep track of how your favorites are doing, or if you have a change of heart, cancel your votes.

What is the Cast Listings module for?

The Cast Listings module displays roles associated with projects on Massify. Cast Listings helps you find out about parts to audition for, and, if you fill out your profile and resume information, filters these roles to match your profile description.

What is the Crew Listings module for?

The Crew Listings module displays jobs associated with projects on Massify. Crew Listings helps you find out about job opportunities to apply for, and, if you fill out your profile and resume information, filters these listings to match your professional needs.

My drop-down menu isn’t working. What’s going on?

We’ve encountered some problems on Macs that use an older version of Firefox. Try upgrading Firefox to the latest version.

Your Resume

What the deal with credits?

Credits allow you to reference your previous work — anything from a feature film to a video you uploaded on YouTube.

Your credits determine how you show up in Search: as a Director, a Producer, an actor, etc. You can also link your credits to albums in your media. Just open your Media, select an Album that you want to link your credit to, and go into Edit. Within Album Edit you will find a Credits section where you will be able to establish this link.

What’s the difference between Training, Education, and Special Skills?

If you’ve developed a specific technique through a program or with professional training, list it under Training. For example, acting classes/techniques, participation in film-related workshops, or training in specific camera and/or editing techniques would all fall under the Training category.

Under Education, list any high school, college, or graduate programs you have attended, as well as what you studied.

Any noteworthy talents (like the ability to sing, dance, ride horses, skateboard, juggle chainsaws, etc.) that might make you especially suited for a potential role, would be included under Special Skills.

Your Media

What is my media?

Your media is the place on the site where you house all your media – anything from headshots to a screenplay to a reel. You can also link media in your media to your resume credits.

What is an album?

Within the media you can create multiple albums. If you associate each album with a specific project, you can then link your credits from your resume to that album.

How do I upload media?

Every opportunity to upload media will prompt you to choose the relevant file. Under your Media, for example, create an album. Then select “Add media” and then “Browse for files to upload.” All you have to do then is select the files on your hard drive.

How do I remove media that I’ve uploaded?

To delete media from your media, select the red icon at the upper left corner of the file you wish to remove. If you want to remove an entire album, select “Delete Album.”

Copyright / Licenses

Who owns my project on Massify?

You do. When you create a project on Massify, you retain all rights and interest to your content and ideas. We do not have the right to develop your project or any pitch into a movie or any other works without your permission. Please read our TOS for more information.

When would you want my permission?

Each co-produced partner program has a specific set of production requirements. Depending on the scope of the event, we may require that you grant us additional rights before we can fund your project. Of course, you will always be notified before agreeing to these rules.

Am I allowed to post my assets/media on other websites?

Unless those websites restrict it, absolutely!

Should I be worried that someone might steal my idea?

Massify provides permission controls so you can keep your ideas private or only viewable by certain contacts.. Additionally, you can look into registering your idea with other organizations. For instance, we highly suggest you register your screenplays with entities such as the WGA or The Library of Congress before you post them on Massify.

Contacting Massify

How do I contact customer support?

To contact customer support, email us at [email protected] We love hearing from you!

How do I report abuse?

Users should flag any questionable or objectionable content by clicking “flag” below the relevant media. Furthermore, feel free to contact us about abusive behavior at any time by emailing us.

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