Brite Eyes (2009)
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In a black and white world, a little girl with an unusual gift is discovered. For better or worse, her ability transforms those around her.

In a somber place on the edge of nowhere, life is bleak and colorless. When a shocking discovery threatens all that is normal, questions are raised that cannot be answered. Will curiosity unlock a remarkable truth, or destroy a source of beauty and wonder.

In 2010, the short received an EC Award from the Emerging Cinematographer Awards.

Genre: Drama

  • Writer & Director
    Andrew Eckblad, San Diego, CA/
  • Producers
    Andrew Eckblad/ Genelle Padilla/ Brandon Walker/
  • Music by
    Sean Beeson/ Dan Reynolds/
  • Cinematography by
    John Snedden/
  • Film Editing by
    Andrew Eckblad/
  • Cast
    Cristyn Chandler/ Larry Jordan/ Megan Hamori/ Michael Bova/ Adam Marcinowski/ Anna Valendez/
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Little Girl
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Compassionate Woman
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Man One