GUYS with GIRL problems (2010)
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    A moc-doc depiction of the average American guy and the hard luck they often face with the opposite sex. 2010 Golden Ace Award Winner, Las Vegas Film Festival.

    GUYS with GIRL problems” follows the lives of four guys just starting their adult lives and trying to deal with the issues they face in modern America. The most notable of these issues are the problems they face with the opposite sex. Today’s world offers new challenges to the dating scene with careers, social pressures and thousands of ways to be compared to Calvin Klein models. The American male is often portrayed as shallow and detached from the emotions of relationships, but in reality, their feelings go much deeper. The show seeks to capture those moments where you can’t help but laugh at yourself but also the moments you realize you would have never survived without your friends.

    This 2010 Golden Ace Award Winner (Las Vegas Film Festival) is done in a mock-u-mentary style to give the audience a unique view into their everyday lives with one-on-one interviews and moments that weren’t meant to be caught on tape. It’s raw, honest and hilarious.

    Scott Lentz
    Pennsylvania, USA

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    • Writer & Director
      Scott Lentz/
    • Producers
      Andrew Bailey (associate producer)/ Anthony DeSanctis (associate producer)/ Scott Lentz (executive producer)/ Jesse Ranney (associate producer)/
    • Film Editing by
      Scott Lentz/
    • Cast
      Andrew Bailey/ Michael Callas/ James Chester/ Anthony DeSanctis/ Amanda Evans/ Patrick Holden O'Neill/ Cody Robinson/ Sydney Rotundo-Jones/ Rob Stehly/