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Massify & Killer Films – Entry – “Shoe Horned”
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    Maggie steps out of her ordinary (and unhappy) life when she’s dumped by her douche-bag-hipster boyfriend upon arrival at the hotel.

    Maggie’s broken boot heel forces her into a chance encounter with Mario, a professional custom shoemaker and a hardcore horn-dog shoe and foot fetishist.

    When she reluctantly accepts Mario’s seductive call to adventure, she’s pulled into an absurdly extravagant and surreal subculture. Their antics send them cavorting – with escalating indulgences – throughout the hotel’s private and public spaces.

    Maggie is ultimately empowered to make a difficult choice that changes her destiny.

    The film’s complex and shifting relationships unfold with visual storytelling – they are not dialog driven. With no witty banter or spoken punch lines, the film aims to deliver a very subtle, yet very vivid, humor using unforgettable imagery to create a wickedly funny story.


    by Leonard Cetrangolo