People Found for “The Ten” – Film (2007)
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Ten stories, each inspired by one of the ten commandments.

Quirky inter-related stories. Standing by two tablets, Jeff promises to introduce ten short stories, each about one of the commandments. A man survives a fall from a plane and his fiancée marries someone else before falling in love with a marionette; a surgeon causes the death of a patient and in prison tries to choose his mate; a woman encounters Jesus in Mexico and later confronts her husband on the Sabbath; twins and their mother reflect on fatherhood; covetous neighbors miss a chance to be heroes; and, between each story, Jeff’s love triangle with Gretchen and Liz plays out. In the end, all the characters join in singing that it’s all about love. (IMDB storyline)


  • Writers
    Ken Marino/ David Wain/
  • Director
    David Wain/
  • Music
    Craig Wedren/
  • Cinematography
    Yaron Orbach/
  • Assistant Editor
    Pierre Stefanos/
  • Cast
    Paul Rudd/ Jessica Alba/ Winona Ryder/ Adam Brody/ Jon Hamm/ Ken Marino/ Mather Zickel/
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Jeff Reigert
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Stephen Montgomery
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Chris Knarl
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Kelly La Fonda