The Look (2008)
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    A man tries to get away with the murder of his wife to escape ‘that look.’

    A Gothic horror-noir that tells the story of Irv Moulton, a slumping, middle-aged man, who wakes up on the kitchen floor of his home to find two suspicious detectives looming over him. As Irv tells them one story of the evening’s events, we begin to learn of another, in which Irv killed his wife to escape “that look,” a gaze more terrifying than Irv could ever imagine.

    Director’s Statement

    Our foremost goal is to make films we would like to see. Genre pictures have always been a great love of ours, and even greater are films which pull at, stretch and blend these genres to make worlds of their own. There is nothing we enjoy more than a good thrill, chill or twist, and we strive to create characters and moments which stick in the brain long after the curtain has swung closed. In the words of writer Joe R. Landsdale:

    “The low-budget horror movie stands on the line of good taste and bad taste, and like a scarecrow in a high wind, flaps its arms and leans first in one direction, then the other. What gives the good film its power is its bravery, its willingness to let the wind blow it across the line of good taste, into that part of the field that is less mannerly and sometimes downright rude.”

    We could not agree more.

    The Making of

    The Look was funded by a $10,000 Massify grant. Columbia grad student Ryan Demler pitched the idea for his short ‘gothic horror noir’ using a video, screenplay, synopsis and other material. Fellow film students awarded Ryan’s pitch the most votes, giving it the funds it needed to go into production.

    Winning award
    • Writers & Directors
      Ryan Demler/ Matt Fantaci/
    • Producers
      Justin Sucre/ Ryan Demler (executive producer)/
    • Music by
      Ernest Adzentoivich/
    • Cinematography by
      Jonathan Miller/
    • Film Editing by
      Chunwoo Kae/
    • Cast
      Thomas G. Waites/ Ashlie Atkinson/ Annie McGovern/ James Farrell/ Allan Greenberg/
    image character
    Irv Moulton

    Tom was last seen on New Amsterdam as a guest star on Fox. Before that he was seen on Law and Order (original) and his most recent film was The Tourist. He was also Denton in One Life to Live. He has been seen on Law and Order, OZ, Law and Order CI and NYPD Blue. His Broadway credits include: Richmond in Richard III with Al Pacino, Ralph in Awake and Sing! Dean Rebel in Teaneck Tanzi, Steve in Search and Destroy and Bobby in American Buffalo Off-Broadway with Al Pacino produced by Elliot Martin. On, Off-Broadway: some of his favorite roles have been Steve in Pastorale at Second Stage, and Mitchell in the original production of Forty Deuce. Films: On the Yard, Pity the Poor Soldier, The Warriors, And Justice For All, The Thing, Clan of the Cave Bear, Light of Day, Verne Miller, Unwed Father, American Affair, America’s Most Wanted, Money Train, Rites of Passage, McBain, Born on the Fourth of July, Till Death Do Us Part, Shakedown, and State of Grace. Tom is a member of the Actors Studio. He teaches acting class here in New York City.

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    Mrs. Moulton
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    Second detective