“Sun. Drugs. Family”. Based on a true story, two young sisters are swept into the wake of their mother’s rise and fall through the 70’s Florida pot trade.

Free Ride tells the story of a single mom caught up in the Florida drug trade during the late 1970s tries to make a better life for her two girls.

The movie was displayed during Hamptons International Film Festival 2013 and won the Tangerine Entertainment Juice Award.

Location: Florida, USA

Genre: Drama

Shana Sosin
Los Angeles, CA

Cast and Crew

  • Writer and director
    Shana Sosin
  • Cast
    Anna Paquin
    Liana Liberato
    Ava Acres
    Drea de Matteo
    Daniella Garcia
    Cam Gigandet
    Brit Morgan
  • Producers
    Danny Daneau
    Susan Dynner
    Cerise Hallam Larkin
    Anna Paquin
  • Music by
    Jeff Russo
  • Cinematography by
    Quyen Tran
  • Film editing by
    Danny Daneau

Characters of the Movie

  • Christina, “protagonist”
    A single mother

  • MJ
    Elder daughter of Christine

  • Shell
    The younger daughter

  • Sandy

  • Zada

  • Ray


Winning Awards