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How Can You Become a Competitive Eater?

Competitive eaters have a few secrets they have developed over the years to help them stuff food into their stomachs a little bit faster than the others. The most essential thing is the water. Every competitor keeps a cup of water at the table to stuff the contest food. It softens and lubricates the food, allowing them to chew it faster and swallow it easier. Technically any liquid could be used, but anything that has calories (juice) will make it harder to eat more in the long run of the contest.

Competitive eating
Competitive eating

There is another crucial technique to be a competitive eater which is to cut the food into smaller pieces before eating it. This allows competitors to fit more food into their mouths at once, and chew it more efficiently. All professional eaters mostly eat hot dogs and buns separately.

Stuffing a lot of food
Stuffing a lot of food

Competitive eating is a matter of your willpower. Competitors must fight their stomach’s natural reaction to stuff such as a large amount of food into it very quickly without getting sick. I’ll give you some tips about competitive eating:

  1. You should practice for sometime before an eating contest. Competitors should try to train their brains to ignore their feelings of being stuffed with food, as the stomach muscles could stretch. That could be done by filling the stomach repeatedly with large meals or through water training as it requires drinking an entire gallon of water in a few seconds. Water can stretch out the stomach but neither of these activities is healthy. The water exercise can be very dangerous and cause many health problems.
  2. When you are in an eating contest, you don’t want your jaw to get tired. Some competitive eaters will chew up to six pieces of gum at a time to strengthen their jaw muscles.
  3. You should try to breathe while you are in the contest or practicing eating as it’d help you to get the food stuffed in your stomach easily and give you time to relax even if it was a few seconds.T
  4. ry to watch some videos on the social media sites of competitive eaters’ contests to have more information about the same topic. I think they would help you in some areas you need.
Hot dogs
Hot dogs

Now, I think you got enough tips if you have the desire of being a competitive eater. You should practice eating large amounts of food, drink more water especially during the meal, strengthen your jaws and try to control your breathing. Try not to do anything dangerous or might cause health problems.

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