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How to Deal With a Teenager?

Lots of people do not know how to deal with their girls when they come to be teenagers. Girls in such a phase of their life get so stubborn.  They might still look like young girls, but they, for sure, want to be treated like women. Refusing to be told what they should do or that they should not get them into troubles. And of course, lots of fights with parents result from this state.

Teen girls think that life is all about having fun and dreams. Unfortunately, being a stubborn may blind them from seeing the truth. Overwhelming with their wrong thoughts, they think that their parents’ guidance or even help is a way of controlling them. In their opinion, they have the right to do whatever they want, say whatever they want, and refuse whatever they do not want.

If we discuss the subject from a teenager’s point of view, we may find out that they are partially right about some things. Thinking that all people around you are still treating you as a little kid is so enough to drive you crazy. They ask you to decide about your life at the same time they treat you as if you are not capable of making your own decision. Parents keep telling their kids that they have to be responsible; on the other hand, most of time they do not give them the chance to be so. They keep telling kids; you have to study hard; you have to be a good girl; you have to always do the right things, and so on. But what are the right things? Are they the really right things for the kids or just what the parents think the right things are?

It can never be denied that parents have much more experiences than their little ones do, but in most of the times, it is more about how to say the right thing than the right thing itself.

The way people communicate has the much influence on the result of the communication; including the parent-kid relationship of course. Teen girls do not accept receiving orders, especially without persuasion. As a result, girls begin to fight for what they believe the right thing for them. It turns out to be more like a war about who is right; just the eternal conflict of generations.

do not accept receiving orders
do not accept receiving orders

Teenagers have to know that differences with anyone shouldn’t necessarily mean conflict. It is ok to have different points of views as long as you do not give the chance to anything to make you apart or lose each other. Parents may wrongly provide an impression of trying to control, but the truth is anything they do is just out of their great caring and passion. Maybe some of them do not know how to show their care in the right way. Still, they will always be the most caring and hoping the best for their children

teenagers and parents
teenagers and parents

As teen girls need to be smart and reliable to get through a teenage phase, parents need to be reasonable too. They have to accept the fact that their kids are growing up and having their own opinions, trends, and choices. The most common mistake parents make is dreaming for their kids and begin to direct them towards their dreams and even give orders about them, and that is where the problems begin.

So, parents! Please, forget about orders. Your kids need you more like a friend in this phase of their life. Remember that you have been there too. You do not need to make judgments about your kids; you need to put yourselves in their shoes. When they do something wrong, ask yourselves what they may have been thinking when they did it and try to figure out how they felt. You need to let them dream their own dreams; have their own planes, and make their steps on their own

kids need you more like a friend
kids need you more like a friend
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