We always think that drawing a human face is too complicated for the ordinary people and it’s only exclusive for the professional artists. However, when you know the measurements of the human face, it is not that difficult to draw. For the same reason, I’ll focus on the human face’s measures in this article and won’t get into many details. Let’s keep it easy and straightforward.

First of all, we will draw a face from the front view, not from its side. So let’s get started:

 When you get to see a human face from the front, you’ll know that it has an oval shape (not circular as some people might think). Draw your oval shape but try not to make it too long, as it might end up like an egg-head shape. Now draw a horizontal and a vertical axis through the oval shape right in the middle.

oval shape

oval shape

An oval shape with a horizontal and vertical axis

Oval shape with a horizontal and vertical axis

How to draw the eyes

The eyes are at the center of the head (not at the upper part of the head as some people might think that as they don’t consider the hair covering the forehead). Try to draw both eyes identically. The distance between them should be as one eye’s length. But the length between the eye’s outer corner and the side of the face should be a little bit smaller.

– Now you should make a light line to mark the location of the nose. Measure the eyebrows to the chin and draw the nose in the middle of the vertical axis.

Draw another line between the nose and the chin as this is the position of the mouth.
Now you can erase the two axes you drew at the beginning of this drawing.

Eyes drawing

the nose in the middle

– You can now draw the ears on each side of the head. Then finally the hair the way you want it to look like. You can also add a personal touch to your drawing if you want to do so.


The eyebrows

Ears and hair drawing

So this is the basic way of drawing a human face. I guess you got the whole idea of drawing a human face nicely and easily. I hope you liked it as much as I did when I tried it for the first time.