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How to Draw a Panda Bear?

There are a lot of people wonder if they can draw the cute lovely shape of the Panda bear, including me of course. I have found a lot of interesting drawings of the panda, but I’ll try to teach you the easiest drawing steps of Panda from my point of view. You must bring these things before starting to learn the steps of drawing Panda: A pencil, colors, piece of paper, a brush and a rubber.

1 The first step you should begin with is to draw two circles above each other. The upper ring is for representing the face and the lower one for the body.

The head and body of Panda bear
The head and body of a Panda bear

2 Then you probably should start to draw the ears. Their location as you know is above the head which is the upper circle. Draw two small circles on each side of the head as they would be the ears.

The ears on the head
The ears on the head

3 The third step is drawing the hands and cheeks of Panda bear to look cute and funny. You have got to draw two circles on the head from the center to the outside direction to form the shape of the lovely cheeks. Then you have got to try drawing two triangles at the lower circle’s sides as they should represent the hands of the Panda bear at both sides of the body.

Cheeks and hands
Cheeks and hands

4 You should apply two small dots beside each other on the head’s circle to represent the eyes shape (they can be drawn with a dark color, not necessarily the same pencil). Then draw another dot between them, in a little lower place to represent the cute nose of the lovely panda.

5 The last step is drawing two rectangles or squares beside each other under the body. You should probably know now that they represent the legs of the Panda. You can apply colors now if you like to do so.

Panda eyes, nose and legs
Panda eyes, nose and legs

Now you should have got the idea of drawing a lovely Panda bear. This simple drawing can be taught to the kids as well. It’s easy to draw and would create a beautiful and cute Panda bear which would appeal to the kids and the older people at the same time. When you get the tools prepared, you may then be able to draw. I wish you to enjoy this drawing.

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