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How to Help Someone to Stop Taking Drugs?

If you have a friend with an addiction problem and you don’t know how to help him, think about what you’re going to tell him in the first place.  It could be a sensitive subject and you don’t want to look like that you’re embarrassed or judging him. In the beginning, he might not listen to you but don’t let this stop you from helping him.  As a friend, I think that the best thing you can do is to be there for him, for being a support and encouragement that would make him want to change. With the proper help, he will be able to overcome his addiction to drugs before he gets any serious harm.


Here are a few steps you should follow to help your friend to stay away from drugs:

  1. You should keep your friend away from people or places that might encourage him to take drugs.
  2. Try to find out how much serious your friend’s addiction is. As you may need more support from other people if your friend is addicted.
  3. Be aware that he might never admit that he has a drug problem as it’s not easy for him to say that he is an addict. You will need to be patient and do not give up quickly.
  4. Tell your friend that you want to help him/her and he won’t be alone when he wants to get over his disease.
  5. Try to be patient with your friend as his recovery from addiction might take a long time. You should also realize if you couldn’t help him alone. You should make him speak to a trusted adult who will keep it saved (a family friend or even a doctor).
  6. Ask for professional help if the problem looks too big for you to be able to handle it alone, or if your friend might commit suicide because of addiction.
  7. If your friend doesn’t have the will to stop taking drugs. Then you should stop trying to help him alone and leave him to his family or the medical support. It’s out of your hands now.
Another drug type
Another drug type
Family counseling
Family counseling

You might have some ideas now about how to deal with a drugs addict friend and how to help him properly. You should be there to support and help him. But you should also ask for help from older people as they might have better experience. Be patient with your friend till he gets fully recovered. Good luck.


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