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How to Prepare a Tea Party That Amazes Your Friends?

When we make tea parties, we have to prepare for so many things we might need. These kinds of parties always have some traditional elements, but you can also add your special touch and have a lot of fun.

A picture of tea tasting party
A picture of tasting tea party

In the beginning, you must get some essential things such as teapots, teacups, hot water, honey, sugar, food to have with the tea, pick a place where you would hold your party, and prepare different types of tea. These are the necessary elements to have a tasting tea party.

First of all, it’d be a good thing to select different types of tea. This way, you’ll able to know the basic varieties in the tea field. To keep things interesting, aim for variation within the category you’ve chosen such as teas with different colors, flavors, strengths, and provenances.

basic varieties in tea field
basic varieties in the tea field
Different tea types and colors
Different tea types and colors

The 2nd issue you should consider is making a list of what you need to host a party including various kinds of pots such as hot water bowls, teapots, teacups(high quality), and the other tools for keeping the other elements of tea herbs and different kinds of food which would be served with the tea.

Different tea pots, bowls and herbs
Different teapots, bowls, and herbs

Another thing you should do which is setting a time and a place for the tea party to prepare for all the previous steps and much more. As if it was at day, it would be different from the night according to the party time preparations and what it might need. You should also consider taking a tent if it was at night and more tools for heating the water in case if it gets cold. You should also make invitations and send them before the party time by a few days

Tasting tea party invitations
Tasting tea party invitations

When you get to arrange a tea tasting party, it could be a little bit tough. You might want help keeping track of the amount of water in the kettles and the tea right time. You should also make a list for yourself with the name of each tea, the number of dry leaves and water you’ll need, the boiling water, and the right time (for people’ tasting, you’ll probably have to prepare two cups of each tea). Place this list next to you when you make the different types of tea.

Tea preparation on the table
Tea preparation on the table

Now you should have some information about preparing tea parties as they should be. You should have some things like tea types, bowls, cups, and some other foodstuffs to present with each kind of tea. I hope this has been useful to all of you.

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