If you noticed that a girl is trying to flirt with your boyfriend or husband, control yourself and don’t show your jealousy to her. If you showed her that you are angry, you would give her more importance and value. This woman could make a lot of stuff in purpose to make you jealous and show you that she can take him any time she wants. So, you should ignore her at that time. Following, are some other things you should do.

Other women around your man and fighting with him

Other women around your man and fighting with him

1 You should begin by talking honestly to your guy. You should discuss what kind of this relationship between her and your guy, and make him try to avoid her as possible.

2 Don’t involve yourself with her in any situations. You should make your man stop sending her any messages through e-mail or phone. If she is with him at work, he should tell strictly that he has a girlfriend and that he loves her and they should keep their relationship in the work frame only.

3 If she is a friend, you should make some hints that you want her to keep a distance from your man as you are not feeling comfortable about their relationship together. You should not to be aggressive; instead, try to make or grab her by your side.

4 It’s not your part to get into ugly situations for him. If he loves you, he will act on his own to keep your relationship. You can’t keep him loyal by putting another lady into a bad situation. You should be confident and not let anyone underestimate you or make you feel insecure.

5 Don’t make your man feel that you don’t trust him because of these situations as after all, it’s not his fault. You should not let these things affect your relationship with him in a bad way. Try to let go and live your life with joy and happiness.

These were some tips to keep your relationship with your man without getting involved in any ugly situations with other girls. You should let him deal with these girls without making him feel that you don’t trust him. Keep a distance between you and these girls or talk to them in a friendly way if they used to be your friends. I hope these tips have been beneficent to you and wish you good luck.