How to Learn Driving on a Racing Line?
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Some people don’t know that the techniques of car racing are entirely different from the those of the normal driving in the streets. I guess the central aspect of race driving is to turn the car’s direction as fast as possible. It is a complicated process to be able to change the car’s direction at a fast race.

A racing car

A racing car

I think that the general philosophy in a racing line is quite simple. You first should try to open a corner up as much as you can. It’ll let you flow on the racing line even at the highest amount of speed. There are a few steps you should follow on the racing line such as:

1 Try to use the whole width of the road to make any turn as wide as possible. This is going to increase the size of the turn to its maximum, which would allow you to turn the steering wheel and hold the high-speed as tight as possible through the turn.

A wide road

A wide road

2 The next step you should do is turning your car’s direction smoothly. Try flowing the easiest turns first, then try the challenging curves, and you could see them on most of the public roads and highways.

A curve on the road

A curve on the road

3 You need to be smart enough to have a strategy before entering a curve to make the turn as fast as possible. You have to make a plan to ensure your safety.

4 When you get to turn in, try to drive your car towards the tightest part of the road’s curve. If you want to go through a fast curve, you’d better get to know how to choose the most important line around the curve.

5 You should then put your car into a position to be able to drive forward and get to the highest speed as soon as possible, even before getting through the full turn.

Taking an apex's turn

Taking an apex’s turn

Note: The main line through the turn is where you start on the outside of the track line driving across to the apex’s inside of the turn, then turning back to the outside. This line requires the least steering movement and keeps the car as straight as possible.

I guess now you have got the main aspects of driving a car on a racing line smoothly and carefully. You should make your turns fast and easy especially at the curves. I hope this article has been useful enough to teach you the main steps to drive your cars on a racing line easily.

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