How to Apply Simple Magic Coin Tricks
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There are many magic tricks you can apply by using coins. You can use one coin or more during performing these different tricks. Coins are very small objects to handle through the tricks and that what makes them easy to use and seek. I have chosen simple tricks for you to use any time you want for amusement and having some fun. I hope they would be appealing to you.

1 Hiding a coin in your palm

All you have to do is to place the con between the muscles of the thumb and the rest of your palm. You should keep it at that place not to fall down, and then you should turn your palm on the other side to show the audience that it’s no longer in your hand. The last part is to move the coin to the other hand without anybody notice. Then you should snap before unfolding your hand to show them the coin once again. It’s a quite simple trick.

A palm trick

A palm trick

2 Thumb palm

In which you should pluck a coin out of the air. It’s an effortless trick. You should put a coin in between your thumb and the rest of your fingers and clip on it. You then should apply some motions to show the audience your empty hands. Then you should take the coin that is clipped between your thumb and your hand by the other hand. Then all you have to do is unfolding your hand to show them the coin.

Thumb palm trick

3 Tunnel coin vanish

It’s another lovely simple trick to easily apply in front of people. You have to put the coin in the circular area between your thumb and the other fingers. Next, you should push the coin into this area until it get disappeared or that is what your audience should think. You just should have moved the coin smoothly to the other hand while performing this motion. People would still think that the coin in the same hand while it’s in the other hand. The last step, as usual, is to show them your unfolded hand while the coin is not there. It’s a quick nice trick.

Thumb coin vanish

Thumb coin vanish

4 Coin through pocket

You will use more than one coin in this trick. You should use four coins or more as you wish. Show the audience the coins you have in your hand and move them to the other hand to place them in your pocket. While you are doing this, you should keep one coin in your hand before moving them to the other hand. It should be hidden between the thumb and the rest of the fingers not to be noticed. You should then apply this hidden coin beneath your pants fabric and here appears one coin through your pocket. It’s a cool trick. I hope you liked it.

I hope these tricks have been amusing for you to perform them at any party or at home to amuse your kids. I wish that you have enjoyed your time reading this article. Good luck!

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