How to Apply Blue Makeup on Different Skin and Eye Colors?
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From my point of view, blue looks are the best on women with any skin, hair and eye colors. I have done it before many times on my brown eyes, black hair and fair skin. I always like my look when I apply blue makeup on my blue clothes. I’ll give you some simple tips to apply blue makeup which could suit most of the skin tones and eyes colors. I hope you will like it.

Blue makeup on a light skin color and brown eyes

Blue makeup on a light skin color and brown eyes

First of all, you should apply the first steps of makeup like you always do. You have to clean your skin by some lotion, and then put a properly selected foundation cream or a primer on your face, near-skin color as we always advise to look natural. You can then apply powder if you always do that or not as you prefer.

Brown eyes and hair with blue makeup

Brown eyes and hair with blue makeup

Now, we will move to your eyes, the most important step for showing the blue makeup. There are many different ways to apply blue eyeshadow on your eyes as you can use different blue color degrees or use one color. You can also use blue eyeliner and mascara or black ones as you prefer.

Steps of applying blue shadows on the eyes with black eyeliner and mascara

Blue shadows on the eyes with black eyeliner and mascara

Some people see it’s better to use two shadows instead of a single one (light and dark). Choose a soft lighter color for the entire eye area and then use the darker color at the end of the eyelid. You can also apply three different degrees if your eyelids were big enough.

Applying 2 or 3 degrees of blue shadows over the eye

Applying 2 or 3 degrees of blue shadows over the eye

For softer and more modern eye makeup, you can also place a dark blue color close to the lashes with brighter colors further away beneath the eyebrows. You won’t need to apply eyeliner if you used dark eyeshadow on the whole eyelids but you might need applying a blue lighter mascara or even black if you prefer.

The last thing you should do is applying lipstick and blusher. You should apply your lips with just a gloss as it would suit these strong eyes perfectly. Try to avoid strong or dark colors on lips, as these powerful colors could clash. If you want to use colors, try then light brown lipstick on your lips and as a blusher on your cheeks, or you can also use a light rose color as a lipstick and a blusher as well.

These were my advice on applying blue makeup on most of the skin tones and eye colors. Keep in mind to use lighter and darker degrees on the big eyelids, or you can use a dark color only on the entire eyelids without needing to apply eyeliner. You can also use a light shade with a dark blue or black eyeliner and mascara. These ways of makeup will look great. Use light colors of lipstick and blusher on the blue makeup. I hope these few tips have been useful to you.

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