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Food Purification from Shakuntali – it will change your ideas about the healthy lifestyle

Lose weight, improve health, rectify your business, and save your brother from death – and all this by means of the food purification. Is this a miracle? For Samantha from Indianapolis and for many other people who have learned from Shakuntali of the special food purification ritual, this has become a reality.

What we ACTUALLY eat

Nowadays, everybody is talking about healthy living, about healthy food, in particular, Being on-trend demands you to buy bio-products, practicing yoga and self-development. Meanwhile, it often happens that you go on feeling not well even living this absolutely ideal lifestyle. Why does this happen?

Shakuntali, the Enlightened Woman, who helps the women all around the world to solve their problems and attain a truly happy life, explains: “Any food is not only proteins, fats, carbohydrates. First of all, it is energy.”
All the food that you buy in supermarkets, no matter how healthy it is, passes its way through the hands of many people. Each person has his/her own feelings and thoughts at the time of handling this food. He/she may be frustrated, angry, excited, depressed, or offended because we all are humans with personal reactions to situations and interactions with other people. Every thought, every feeling we experience reflects on the energy of the objects we get in contact with. It relates especially to the natural food products as living nature reacts vividly to any outside energy.

Eating this “poisoned” food we take in this negative energy, start feeling bad, and transfer our mood to the others.
Thus, people absorb the negative energy of each other and the quantity of evil in this world permanently grows. So we have all the reasons to think properly about it, don’t we?

Shakuntali offers the solution

Shakuntali is an Enlightened woman, the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, she is temple priestess. The Spiritual Master of Shakuntali is Sri Aurobindo. Possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth, and healing abilities.
Shakuntali reveals to us that we can purify the food we consume and make it as healthy as possible, without any interference of the alien energies.

The ritual of purification that Shakuntali offers has its roots in ancient wisdom. Meanwhile, it is very simple and does not take much time. You can do it while cooking the meal for your family.

Step 1.
While cooking, imagine everybody you are making a meal for. Imagine them as much detailed as possible. See their faces, their joy of their favorite meal, their smiles, the clothes they are wearing.

Step 2.
Still cooking, wish these persons all that they need at that moment. For example, your partner needs a salary increase, or your child needs to adapt to a new school, or maybe your friend has any health problems. Shakuntali recommends you to wish it all sincerely, from the bottom of your heart, with the understanding that your prayer is capable to perform miracles!

Imagine how you add these wishes to the dishes as you are adding salt and spices.
Feel how the warm light from your loving hands is penetrating into the dishes eliminating all the negative energy. Shakuntali says that at that moment of purification you would actually feel these different kinds of energy with all your body.

Step 3.
Pray for everyone on this Planet who needs love, care, and support. Being the Woman of Power you really can do a lot to help them. We often forget about our power, or ability to make this world a little better, day by day. Pray for the homeless, lost, offended, lonely people and you will help them and help yourself to feel your power and your involvement in everything happening on this Earth.

Just practice this ritual every time you cook for yourself, your friends, and your family and you will see the astonishing results. Only by this one ritual, Shakuntali’s followers make their dreams come true and help their loved ones to stay healthy and make their life full of joy and happiness.

More useful information and practices from Shakuntali, Make great changes in your life for the better now and forever.

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