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How to Make a Christmas Tree out of Paper

There are many ways to make a Christmas tree out of paper. You might think they are hard to make when you see their final shape. But I assure you it’s an easy process and doesn’t take much time or effort. Following are some basic tips to enable you to start making your Christmas tree.

1 First of all, get some certain things to start designing your decoration. You need some tools such as green papers, glue, scissors, string, pen, sewing machine, and decorative stars or any other shape you might prefer.

2 You can begin with using the pen to draw two identical trees and cut them into half by using the scissors to form two separated identical Christmas trees.

3 Try to glue the two separated trees together till the form can stay still on the table. Decorate it by any preferred shape on the top, and you might apply stickers, ribbons and other decorative staffs.

4 You can also use another method to make a Christmas tree out of paper. Unfold the paper into some certain shape in many sizes.

Unfolding paper
Unfolding paper
  • Then, use a standing pencil or any other object to pierce them in the center to form the tree shape and stability. You can use many paper decorations to make this design of trees.

  • You should then apply each layer of paper design one by one to form a Christmas tree full shape. This method can be done in many ways and paper designs and decorations.
Another paper design
Another paper design
  • You can add any decorative shapes you might prefer or a lovely bronzy star if you don’t have a particular form in your mind. This shape should be on the top of the tree, and you can also apply some glitter or other simple decorative stuff and colors on the body of the tree.
Full tree decoration
Full tree decoration

There are a lot of other paper tree designs, but I chose the most straightforward ways for you. These designs are easy to make and won’t take effort or time from you. You just have to bring the required tools from any store and, the rest of the steps are effortless to make. I hope you have enjoyed these paper designs for Christmas tree.

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