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Never Get Sick: The Top 9 Secrets of People who Never Get Sick

Never Get Sick: In the fall and winter, our immune system becomes more vulnerable to colds, flu, and other infections. Follow our tips to avoid getting sick again.

1. The nap, a guarantee of health

Sleep deprivation has been shown to have adverse health effects. It could lead to overweight, weakens the immune system, and increases the possibility of increasing cortisol, the stress hormone. We do the survey of people take a nap every day, and we found that taking a nap almost every day of his adult life and in his book, The Secrets of Those Who Never Fell Sick, Caught cold or flu. In fact, until the start of the 13th century, the first use and invention of the clock, human beings napping. The best time to do it? Between 1 pm and 3 pm.

2. To stay healthy, avoid alcohol in the evening

Do you feel that you are falling into sleep after drinking in the evening? Be aware that alcohol affects your sleep and reduce its quality. As sleep restores your immune system, cutting alcohol at dinner is a way to protect your body from the harmful microbes that surround you.

Alcohol Risks

3. Drinking tea to stay healthy

Drinking tea and inhaling the tea steam stimulates the hair follicles of the nose. Thus, microbes are expelled more easily when you breathe.

4. Socializing to keep the disease away

A fulfilled social life is as essential to your health as diet or exercise. According to studies, having good friends will protect you against all sorts of affections: loss of memory, infarction, infectious diseases, among others. We have a story of a lady called Gene(Watch the Video) who does not remember being sick in 76 years. She puts this on account of her constant search for new friends. When we are sociable, she says, our self-esteem increases, which is excellent for the immune system.

Never Get Sick: the top 9 secrets of people who never get sick-HealthyEve

5. Protein to the rescue of your health

Research shows that people who eat little protein have a weakened immune system. Put foods high in protein in each of your meals: you will be far less likely to catch a cold that hits all other members of the office.

Never Get Sick: the top 9 secrets of people who never get sick-HealthyEve

6. Be careful what you touch

In public areas, be on your guard and, if possible, do not touch anything. Many people have laid their hands before you on the metro pillars and stairway ramps, which house an unprecedented number of microbes.

Never Get Sick: the top 9 secrets of people who never get sick-HealthyEve

7. Combine health and relaxation with a massage

Strengthen your immune system by offering you a massage from time to time. Massage improves your blood circulation and increases the supply of oxygen and blood to the cells, thus boosting your immune system.

chiropractic benefits dangers

8. Sugar station, an enemy of your health

Sugar inhibits the ability of white blood cells to destroy viruses and bacteria that enter your body. It’s a good idea to keep you away to avoid getting sick.

heart disease best foods prevent cardiovascular disease

9. Do not touch your face

If you nail your nails or put your hands always on your face, put an end to this bad habit: you will fall much less often sick. Whenever you realize that you lift your fingers towards your face, tell yourself that you will be infected with harmful microbes on your nose and mouth. “I wash my hands constantly and use a clean tissue when I open a door or touch a lift button,” said Prevention Dan Collins, Baltimore Hospital. “When I go back to my office, I immediately catch an antibacterial hand wipe. If the eyes bite me, I never use the tip of my finger for scratching myself, unless I have disinfected it. I will instead use a joint or the back of my hand: they are less in contact with germs than my fingers.

Never Get Sick: the top 9 secrets of people who never get sick-HealthyEve

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