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Mass Hysteria is excited to begin our next project in collaboration with Massify. Pitch us your best idea for a full-length feature film that will be off-the-wall, outrageous, and anything but normal. This film should include a lot of physical humor and invoke the comedy-laced, quirky elements of Office Space, the laugh-out-loud humor of the Hangover, as well the heart-stopping thrills of Scary Movie.

We are not looking for a specific genre, although a classic Mel Brooks movie with college students would be a good place to begin. We are looking for a character-driven piece that will make us laugh, cry, scream, think, or all of the above. To learn more about Mass Hysteria, visit

Pitch requirements include:- Title (30 characters max)- Logline (160 characters max)- Synopsis (4,000 characters max)- Pitch Video (120 seconds max)- Script (3-5 pages)Financial Bullet points$1000 to buy your idea, story, synopsis or treatment. If the film gets produced based on your material, another $9000. $1500 to option your script for a year, renewable for $2500 for an additional year against $30,000 if you’re the sole writer and $20,000 if it’s a shared credit. $5000 if we want you to write an original idea against $30,000 if the film gets produced. All scripts will pay to the owner or writer 5% of the adjusted gross receipts with the definition of AGR tied to the director’s definition.

To apply, Contact us

Feature Film

Los Angeles, CA


Jon Kaplowitz
New York, NY

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