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Peter Macaluso

Director, Actor
Fort Lee, NJ

Working On
Is trying to cast his new movie “Stay Single”…

“Born in the Bronx, New York on June 10th, 1988, Macaluso grew up in Fort Lee, New Jersey, which is considered “The Birthplace of the Motion Picture Industry.” An English major at Rutgers University, Macaluso founded Macarony Productions in 2005. He completed his first feature-length film, Mack Hanglider, in December 2009. The youngest son of Sally and Mark Macaluso, he began making films after a local film festival asked for applicants at a high school assembly.” IMDB


  • Madly in Love with Harley Quinn & Joker, 2018
    The short is written, produced, and directed by Macaluso.

  • The Problem With Iron Fist in Defenders (Short), 2018
    Writer, director, and producer

  • HBO Presents: Dunk & Egg, 2017

Writer, director, and cinematographer of the short

  • Rainbow’s End (Short), 2017

  • The Problem with Dating in Daredevil, 2017

Written, directed, and produced by Macaluso, the short comedy is about Daredevil, who “is faced with his most dangerous challenge yet. Dating in Hell’s Kitchen.” IMDB

  • Bedbugs, 2017

Director and cinematographer of the short comedy. IMDB

  • Ourselves Alone, 2017

Director, cinematographer, and editor of the short sci-fi. IMDB

  • Sharissa, 2017

Director, cinematographer, and editor of the short drama. IMDB

  • Murder Room, 2016

  • In-Between People, 2016
    Writer, director, and producer of the short drama. IMDB

  • The 8 Men You Meet in NYC, 2016

  • The 8 Women You Meet in NYC, 2016

  • Your Brain While Sleeping,2016

Writer, director, and producer of the short comedy. IMDB

  • Earth World Problems, 2015

Writer, director, and editor of the short comedy. IMDB

  • Another Planet, 2015

“When Sadie – a grieving teenage girl, walks outside of a party in the hopes of escaping, she instead encounters the mysterious and troubled Isabella. Tension increases as Sadie battles Isabella’s outlook on suicide and life.” IMDB

  • Nightmare on Newsfeed, 2015

Writer, producer, director, cinematographer, and editor of the short comedy. IMDB

  • Back to the Future Part IV: Back in Timeline, 2015

The writer, director, producer, and actor of the 3-minute short comedy about Marty facing a futuristic foe that threatens his parents’ relationship. IMDB

  • Millennial Porn, 2015

Writer and director of the short comedy about “A delivery guy finds a new way for a customer to pay for a pizza.” IMDB

  • Millennial Porn, 2015

Writer, producer, and editor of the short comedy. IMDB

  • The Problem with Punisher in Daredevil, 2015

Writer, producer, director, and editor of the short comedy. IMDB

  • STAGES OF: Big Brother, 2015

The director, a producer, cinematographer, an editor, and actor of the short comedy. IMDB

  • The NSA Reacts to AIM Conversations, 2015

The writer, director, producer, cinematographer, an actor of the short comedy. IMDB

  • Power Ranger Stranger Danger, 2015

In this short comedy, “Power Rangers teach kids about the danger of strangers.” IMDB

Written, directed, produced, and edited by Macaluso.

  • STAGES OF: Game of Thrones (Short comedy), 2015

  • Lonely People, 2014

In the 3-minute drama, “Jared finally tries to rid himself of his longtime companion, Natalie.” IMDB

Lonely People was Selected as a Top 200 Finalist by HBO’s Project Greenlight 2014.

  • A Spicy Dame (Short comedy), 2014

  • Game of Loans, 2014

“A short skit involving Game of Thrones with Monopoly.” IMDB

  • Clap On, 2014

A short comedy about Marc, who is “fascinated more by Alexa’s new toy than by her.” IMDB

  • Sex Questions with Dr. JT Love (Short Comedy), 2014

  • Forevermore, 2013

he short drama displays “The slow disintegration of a relationship.” IMDB

  • Call of Duty Is Gay, 2013

Short comedy. IMDB

  • Vainglory, 2013

A short horror about Nick, whose vanity “blinds him from seeing the danger in front of him.” IMDB

  • The Internet’s Problem with TV Wives, 2013

A 3-minute comedy. IMDB

  • Snapshot, 2013

In this short romance, “Issac tries to get out of the dog house by surprising his girlfriend on their anniversary.” IMDB

  • Vacancy, 2013

  • Nostalgia (Video short), 2013

“Paul and Lauren have one final conversation about what exactly went wrong.” IMDB

  • Margaritaville,2013

Short comedy. IMDB

  • Cycle (Short), 2012

A 4-minute short about “A man struggles with fear, boredom, thirst, and regret as he waits for his laundry to finish.” IMDB



  • Batman Beyond: Zero (Short), 2012


  • Died This Way (Short), 2012

“Shane and Liz fight for their life against a meat loving zombie.” IMDB

  • 11/11/11, 2011

A featured movie about Nicole who “has six months to get married… she just doesn’t have a fiancé yet.” IMDB

  • Stay Single, 2010

A featured movie about “Womanizer Owen Daniels has finally met his match…his dorky roommate, Kevin.” IMDB

  • Mack Hanglider, 2009

“The story of black sheep, Rory Labea, and his quest to get famous.” IMDB

  • Justify the Means, 2005

A short drama about Tyler Coffee, a high School senior, who “must deal with the struggles of high school” IMDB

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