A lot of people have been in this situation of breaking up before. Many don’t even try to give themselves another chance with the other person. However, if you are one of the people that don’t want that to happen between you and your partner, here are some pieces of advice that can help you restore the relationship with your ex.

1 Don’t start with begging or pleading as it would make your partner go further away from you. Don’t make your ex feel pity as it would support his/her decision to get away from you.

2 Don’t buy gifts as it would show your ex that you are only doing that after the breakup and it causes a horrible feeling instead of joy. It’ll only make your ex feel it’s too late to solve what is between you through buying gifts.

3 Don’t also be very passive with your ex to make him or her happy as it would work the otherwise at this point of breaking up. Don’t try to make yourself the victim as it won’t get the other person change his or her mind by doing that.

4 Don’t keep calling your ex as it’d be like pushing the other person away. Make a healthy distance between you two to let your partner have a chance to reconsider your relationship.

5 Don’t get mad if you knew that your ex has started dating someone else; if you did that, you would make your ex determine on the decision of breaking up completely.

6 Don’t investigate or ask many questions to your ex as this would come back to you with uncomfortable feelings and awkward situations. Avoid making your ex feel uneasy as it’s the last thing they would expect from you to do. Make that person feel peaceful and safe with you to be able to put your relationship together once again.

7 Try to become a friend with your ex for the meantime as it’d help you a lot to get to know each other well and start to get over the bad feelings that you had for each other. If you couldn’t come back together, be the way you are as good friends and let the other person go.

I hope these simple tips work the best for you. You should be honest with yourself to see what caused your relationship to come to this point and try to fix what went wrong between you two. I hope you have enjoyed reading the article and wish you good luck.