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7 Ways to Prevent Stress Fractures

As the name suggests, a stress fracture is a small crack in any of the weight-bearing bones of the body. Broken bones or traumatic fractures often suffered by football players or downhill skiers. A stress fracture is a much more significant baseline injury than most of the soft tissue injuries. Many players may suffer stress fractures. The greatest weapon in the fight against stress fractures is prevention. Train smart, prepare correctly and don’t hesitate to get some advice from professionals to achieve your sportive goals. Following are seven Ways to prevent stress fractures.

1 Remember that once you doubt of getting a stress fracture, you must review your habits to avoid being in this scenario. Ask yourself what factors made you suspect getting a stress fracture. Do you need professional advice? Perhaps you have a strength imbalance that requires evaluation and treatment by a healthcare professional.

A stress fracture injury
A stress fracture injury

2 You have to be diligent when you feel an injury coming on, or soreness. Soreness in muscles or other soft tissue indicates that the muscle’s shock absorbing ability is lessened. If the same muscles are consistently sore, you may have a strength or flexibility imbalances so that it may require professional consultation. These weak areas need time to adapt to training, to prevent any unnecessary stress.

Weak bones
Weak bones

3 When your bone gets stressed, it becomes weaker for about a month as bone becomes more vulnerable to injury in the month following an increase in stress. Because of this, you need to examine your training history to see if you made any intensity in the last month.

A stress fracture

4 Speak with your doctor to see whether you have any hidden health issues that could lead to your stress fracture. This is especially relevant for women, for whom amenorrhea is a major concern and also a major health risk.

A serious stress fracture injury
A serious stress fracture injury

5 Get proper nutrition to keep your bones strong. Make sure your diet includes plenty of calcium and other nutrients. However, be careful as calcium and vitamin D can cause a small risk of kidney stones if your dietary calcium intake is already high.

6 Add low-impact activities to your exercise program to avoid repetitively stressing a particular part of your body.

7 Fix your lifestyle problems such as a lack of sleep and improper diet which could have a bad effect on.

These tips could be useful for any runner or football player for not to get a serious stress fracture. If you are an athlete, you should consider your health to avoid these kinds of injuries. If you felt that you may get an injury or feel muscle soreness, go to a doctor or a professional to get his advice. I hope this article has been useful to you and wish you to have good times.

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