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Rubbish (2006)

A lonely old man realizes that the source of his frustration may be the key to his happiness.

Coupling beautiful cinematography with a sweet story, Rubbish is a tiny gem.

Taking place entirely outside a Prague apartment building, this nearly silent short film chronicles a few days in the life of those who frequent a courtyard.

Borka is a lonely, fastidious old man who is angry about somebody leaving a giant trash bag outside of the trash can every single day. Trying everything to catch the culprit, he watches his neighbors closely. He tapes a sign to the trash can. He draws footprints to lead the offender in the right direction. Nothing works.

Meanwhile, Zelenka, a sweet older woman who also lives in the building, watches Borka when he’s alone in the courtyard. Borka comes to realize that the source of his frustration may be the key to his happiness.

Genre: Comedy

Cast and Crew

  • Directors
    Amy Allen
    Lisa Denny
  • Cast
    Augustin Sedivy
    Edita Zakravska
  • Producer
    Filip Cermak
  • Art director
    Amy Allen
  • Cinematography by
    Ales Nemec
  • Editors
    Amy Allen
    Lisa Denny
    Erich Cromwell
  • Music by
    Richard Allen

Characters of the Movie

  • Borka, “protagonist”

  • Zelenka

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