Movie Maker’s online film production network provided the platform for collaboration, as well as tools for actors and filmmakers to showcase their work. The response was fantastic.

Killer Startups

With Massify you can make your film ideas become a reality by using the tools has to begin your project. One of the great things about is that it is an artistic community of users interested and experienced in film.


Massify is Where Filmmakers Meet Citizen Critics. Massify operates around film production, matching film creatives and movie fans together in order to create new films.

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The idea behind is to give the box office a vote on which films are made in the first place, along with some say in the script and the casting. Massify aims to encourage collaboration and Massify members are offered a platform to promote themselves and whatever current projects they are involved in.


Film Production Services

Development and filming of a specific production or media broadcast!

Promotional Videos

Creation of quality customized promotional videos for branding and commercial purposes!

Jobs Section

Collaborative tool for serious professionals, to work in film productions by establishing relationships with agents and casting directors.

Creative Solutions

Our unique treatments, scripts, and storyboards to tell your story.

Multimedia Solutions

Using interactive media like text, audio, animation, video, graphics, …

Audio Recording

At our studio, we have audio recording capabilities for radio projects, voiceover etc.











Love film

Harness the creativity of our best film and video professionals to create compelling content for your business or brand.
Development Generate innovative creative customized to your needs.
Production Premium video at a fraction of traditional costs.
Our films
  • Free Ride tells the story of a single mom caught up in the Florida drug trade during the late 1970s tries to make a better life for her two girls. The movie was displayed during Hamptons International Film Festival 2013 and won the Tangerine Entertainment Juice Award. Location: Florida, USA Genre: Drama Owner: Shana...
  • Years ago on a calm, dark night, Dwayne Hopper's life was shattered when his young son Kyle was abducted from his bedroom and disappeared without a trace. Kyle was the final victim in a string of fourteen local disappearances. Dwayne, his wife Janine and daughter Daisy were forced to abandon...





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