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Sore Throat: the Best Effective and Rapid Natural Remedies

The burning sensation, irritation, and pain that accompany sore throat sometimes make laborious simply to speak or swallow. Sore throats are usually caused by a cold, a virus or bacteria, but may also result from smoking, prolonged exposure to dry heat, nasopharyngitis or allergic reactions. The following natural remedies help to relieve you.

Hot Drink Lemon based

One of the most effective home remedies to reduce the intensity of sore throat is the drink made lemon-based, hot water, and honey. Simply mix the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon (= tsp.) Of honey in 250 ml of hot water. Flavonoids, antioxidant components contained in the lemon will act to reduce inflammation of the throat. Like lemon, honey has anti-inflammatory properties. It also has an antibacterial effect because of its low pH, texture, and low protein concentration.

sore throat best effective rapid natural remedies

Gargle with salt

Gargling salt is a simple solution to repeat several times a day as needed. It takes one teaspoon (= tsp.) Of salt to 250 ml of boiling water. Once the mixture cooled, it can be used every 2 or 3 hours. The salt has an antibacterial activity, which will limit the growth of bacteria responsible for sore throat.

Gargle with baking soda

An alternative to traditional gargle with salt is that sodium bicarbonate. Like salt, this helps stop bacteria and is harmless to health. It can even be added to the daily oral hygiene routine.

The remedies using honey to treat sore throat

Honey has several varieties: blossom honey, acacia honey, eucalyptus honey, etc. To improve the benefits of a preparation made from honey, we can choose honey according to its properties.

  • Eucalyptus honey is an antiseptic respiratory tract.
  • Lavender honey is an ideal antiseptic to treat sore throats, convulsive cough, and asthma.
  • Rosemary honey is preferred in cases of asthma.
  • The Vosges fir honey and eucalyptus are recommended in cases of bronchitis and lung disease.

  • Onion Syrup

In addition to stimulating your natural defenses antioxidants, it contains, the onion has antibacterial properties that promote a return to normal. To cook the syrup, simply simmer six chopped onions and ½ cup honey in a water bath for 2 hours. After that, the mixture should be sieved to collect the liquid or syrup.

  • Clove syrup

Clove can numb the pain, which will have a soothing effect on cough and sore throat. The preparation of this syrup is simple: marinate in refrigerator 5 or 6 cloves in 250 ml of honey for an entire night. The next day, just remove the cloves and the syrup is ready to be consumed.

  • Lavender: anti-inflammation

Painkiller and anti-inflammatory, lavender is particularly recommended for respiratory diseases (laryngitis, bronchitis, rhinitis). It relieves sore throats and calm coughs.

In practice: infuse 20 g of flowers in a quart of boiling water for 10 minutes. Filter. Drink three cups a day for 5-7 days.


  • Do not use lavender essential oil without medical advice.
  • Plants are not harmless remedies. Follow the dosages and indications.
  • If in doubt, consult a doctor or specialist pharmacist. If symptoms persist after two days or if fever, see a doctor.

  • Apple cider vinegar: Antibacterial and rich in vitamins

Rich in vitamins, disinfectant, antibacterial and immune stimulator, cider vinegar is an effective and inexpensive remedy to relieve a sore throat.
In practice: Put a teaspoon of cider vinegar in a glass of warm water. Make two to three gargle daily. ‘In case of very severe pain, do it every hour.
Plus: ‘This gargle preserves at the same time a good breath and dissolves deposited pie in the teeth.
If symptoms persist after two days or if fever, consult your doctor.

  • Sage Echinacea

Wise coneflowers can give relief to a sore throat. A study of children found that the spray sage echinacea acts like chlorhexidine/lidocaine, which is a powdered drug. So you can use it as an alternative medication.

  • Vapor Water

When your esophagus hurts you by opening, it tends to dry out. So you feel itchy and dehydration. If you manage to moisturize, you will feel at ease and quiet. Just keep some water in a pan with a wider area in your room. Do it before sleeping. Water vapor will make the moist air and breathing remain hydrated. To increase the effect, you can use a vaporizer or humidifier.

  • Tea

In general, the tea also has a healing effect for a sore throat. The tea will calm inflammation. You can use different edible herbs to taste. The mint tea, ginger tea, or lemon tea were catching-up effects. The antioxidants in herbs are a reminder of the natural immunity. You can make preparation with dried tea or green leaves to have a house or herbal cure for sore throats.

  • Green tea

You can drink green tea regularly. It has lots of antioxidants. In addition to being healthy and tasty, it immediately relieves your sore throat.

  • Soups

I think nothing is better than soup. You can make chicken soup, beef soup, or broth. It has three advantages. It contains sodium that is best for inflammation. The soup soothes your sore throat naturally. It will give you energy even if you can not swallow the chicken or beef for a few days. For best results, take it to sip by sip and savor the taste at the same time, food, and natural treatment.

  • Peppermint

About five studies by American universities, the cancer society, and others have shown that peppermint heals and soothes a sore throat. It actually contains menthol, which functions like a mine mucus, throat and cough are relieved. It is more efficient to use sprays containing peppermint oil. This plant seed has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral so that you can eat to soothe your sore throat.

Why should we use natural remedies for a sore throat?

Doctors say that bacteria and viruses are becoming increasingly resistant to drugs, so often, we get poor results or no results. Because of the constant use of antibiotics, infections, and diseases have become more severe today. It is found that the pain is most often caused by viral infections and that antibiotics do not affect it. Thus, natural solutions help you feel better.

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