Top 10 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

Movie producers are always looking for ways to ensure that they meet the ever demanding needs of their fans in the best way possible. This is perhaps why they make use of the best set of technology and characters. All of these efforts are to ensure that their movies make it to the top of the charts. They throw everything at movies being produced with a view to ensure that fans are getting top quality in all regards.

The major aim of this post is to highlight ten of the most expensive movies that have ever been produced. These are movies that a lot have been sacrificed in with regards to expenses to ensure that people all over the world get the most viewing experience. If you have been wondering what it takes to shoot some of those movies that make the headlines, the list that you will discover below will give you a rough idea.

10 Chronicles of Narnia

You should remember this movie as it was quite popular back then. It was a movie that cost around $225 million to produce. Chronicles of Narnia is simply about some children who found themselves in a world known as Narnia. Since the book series was top-rated amongst fans, the movie never took time to hit the heights that it was expected to by its producers. It is no wonder it was able to gross a total of about $419.7 million.

9 The Dark Knight Rises

Every movie which can be traced to the Marvel Comic Series has been a major hit. The Dark Knight Rises isn’t any different as it quickly became one of the most popular movies of all time. This is a movie that cost $230 million to produce. While the initial two only brought in about $375.205 billion combined, The Dark Knight Rises fetched around $375,205 billion in total revenue. League of Shadows’ former member, Bane was determined to keep up with the evil work (Ra’s al Ghul). It is the return of the dark knight that can prevent this from taking place.

8 Avatar

If you are looking for one of those movies that have been the biggest amongst others, Avatar ticks all the boxes with its cost being around $237 million. Not only was it able to hit the major scene but also, its producers were able to ensure that it gained popularity within a short space of time. A paraplegic Marine who gets sent over to the moon is what the movie’s story is based on. He has a decision to make which is to follow the orders given to him or get his world (home) saved. Around $2,787,965,087 was grossed from Avatar.

7 Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

Unless you are living in a cave, you must have heard about the Harry Potter book as well as movie series. J.K. Rowling happens to be its creator. This is a series (fantasy) whereby Rowling got delayed in a train which was heading to London from Manchester. It is known as one of the most innovative movies of all time. The cost of producing it was around $250. However, it has been able to fetch in $934,416,487 as gross earnings which are a sign of real success.

6 The Hobbit (The Battle of the Five Armies)

The year 2014 was when this movie got released and since then has been making waves amongst fans all over the world. It is one of the fantasy series of J.R.R. Tolkien. This is a high tech movie which cost around $250 million in production. The good part is that The Hobbit turned out to be a major hit as its gross earnings were around $806.2 million.

5 Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man series have been very popular back then and till this very day. When it comes to hitting the big scene and making waves, there are very few that know it better than Marvel comics. Spider-Man became a huge success as marvel ensured that such become a reality. After all, the various Spider-Man series have lived up to the expectations of both fans and producers. Spider-Man 3 isn’t an exception in any way. The total cost of producing this movie is about $258 million while it was able to gross around $890,871,626 as total revenue.

4 Tangled

Disney has been one of the powerhouses for lots of years and its movies are always sweating it out with the others in the box office. Tangled happens to be one of its productions fetching around $591.8 million as gross revenue. It is a storyline that most of us are familiar with as Rapunzel is waiting to get rescued inside the tower. It is a movie that has got plenty of twists and turns. The graphics can’t be ignored too as they are of very high quality. Its production cost is around $260 million.

3 John Carter 

This movie sits in position number three as one of the most expensive in the history of movie production. It was a movie about creatures which were strange. Carter suddenly became their prisoner and started searching for ways on how to escape. Its storyline was different which made it a movie that wasn’t targeting all categories of people. Just like the others above, John Carter wasn’t much of a success as it didn’t earn much. Its costs of production and revenue are $263.7 and $284.1 million respectively.

2 Pirates of the Caribbean (At World’s End)

You used to know this movie as being popular amongst others with a well – researched and crafted storyline. However, in addition to this, it has been discovered to be one of the most expensive movies ever produced sitting in position number two with a cost of $300 million. Johnny Depp played the role of jack sparrow which got quite popular. Pirates of the Caribbean (At World’s End) was able to gross about $963.4 million which was very amazing.

1 Pirates of the Caribbean (On Stranger Tides)

You must be itching to know which of the movies hit the first position. Pirates of the Caribbean (On Stranger Tides) became very popular when it hit the scene. With the stars featured in this movie, there is no how its costs would have been moderate. There are also the ships, graphics and costume designs. Although its production cost was around $378.5 million, it was able to fetch about $1.046 billion which was a huge success.

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